Saturday, December 22, 2012

Make sure you don’t get your ass kicked! Yes, when you go to a sports game and wear your favorite team shirt. Make sure you don’t get your ass kicked if you dare to wear the unpopular shirt for the opposing team in that arena that day. People will say ,”You asked for it.” But did you? No one simply respects one’s opinion anymore . Now there is a lot of fan on fan violence at the game.
There is a lack of respect in all aspects of life but at a game, people are just barbarians. They are more vulgar and crude than ever before. You can’t even take your kid to a game unless you want him exposed to the F word and any other bad word out there. Just what they say about your mother is horrendous and all you did was stand there with a different colored shirt on from them.
It has gone too far when you look at several recent incidents . There are serious physical assaults happening with troubling frequency. Years ago decorum mattered. Fans went to ball games in suits and ties as they went to church in suits and ties. No one even goes to church anymore wearing jeans. Not even the craziest one would even consider dropping a beer on someone’s head. Now it happens on purpose all the time at games.
There is no battle on the playing field compared to the brawls going on in the stands. There are all out wars happening in stadiums all across America at football games, baseball games, hockey games .and basketball games. Even the polite game of tennis where if the ball goes in the stands you politely throw it back on the court, people are standing up and pounding someone else practically to death over a comment.
There has been so much violence that it was only a matter of time before someone got pounded so hard and so frequent that they are now a vegetable in a wheel chair. Ok, that is harsh too but there is a guy Brian Stowe who outside Dodgers Stadium got into a coma and almost died. His crime was wearing a San Francisco Giants shirt in Los Angeles. It is out of control . The man was down and unconscious and they kept on punching him. The two men charged with the crime have plead not guilty.
More than a year later Brian Stowe is still suffering from massive brain damage. He is still in a wheelchair and must have physical therapy up to six hours a day and no one expects him to go back to full recovery. Before getting his beating, he was an Ambulance EMT who helped others. Brian was beaten in the parking lot and don’t think it is any safer in the stadium because it is not safe at all.
Random violence inside the stadium is at an all time high. You must go with someone to the bathroom or risk an attack randomly from someone else just walking by. It is no longer a shocker even when people get shot in the parking lots of stadiums. Should a ball park be enemy territory for visiting fans? Even if the visiting team wins, you have the fear that you will have the crap beaten out of you. Even if you have kids with you.
Fan violence has not gotten unnoticed by sports leagues and stadiums. They have had to increase security in recent years. Major League Baseball allows fans to call security via a text message. There are signs now that say, “Report unruly fans: text “BadFan” <space> issue & location to 69050” or to whatever text number at the place. The NFL says that the most unruly fans are ejected from the arena. Now starting this year they won’t be allowed back to a game until they pass a course on proper Fan behavior.
Instead of spreading the motherf---er word around maybe you should have learned some of the manners she always tried to teach you then you wouldn’t have to take manners classes just to see a game. While security can’t be everywhere, fans are everywhere with cell phones with cameras with video capabilities. Captured by fans is valuable video use able in any court as evidence and valuable proof when everyone in the violent mob scene says “I didn’t do nothing”
Dan Juan is a teacher at Murray State University in Kentucky and has written several books on fan violence. He says that going to a game in America isn’t what it used to be because Americans aren’t what they used to be. We have a generation that has grown up playing fast paced violent video games every day of their lives for hours a day. It is no doubt that this generation is consumed with violent thoughts as being the normal w.

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