Wednesday, November 28, 2012

There are things in life known as timeless treasures. You can see it in a woman’s face as she ages gracefully with lines from smiles and not from frowns. Or from old Jewelry in their ornate settings of common gem stones. Even old songs that can still sound fresh and pleasing to hear. We see timeless treasures all around us and if we are smart we will not throw it away simply because it has been around for awhile.
One of this generation’s timeless treasures is John Lennon from the band the Beatles. His lyrics of songs are timeless we can relate to the subject every day. Songs like Yesterday or Imagine are timeless. Now we get to learn that he was a sketch artist too. His wife Yoko has kindly released some of his personal art to be on exhibit for all to see.
This month would have been John Lennon’s 72nd birthday. To honor the occasion, his widow Yoko Ono has opened an exhibit in New York City of the art work of John Lennon. While he was famous for his composing of easy to play and sing to music and who was a musician too, he was an art student when he met Paul McCartney. He then went on to form The Beatles.
Lennon never stopped drawing. He filled sketchbooks from 1964 to 1980. That was the year he was fatally shot outside his city apartment building. Yes, he was drawing till his death. Imagine how much more art we could have seen if he lived till today another 32 years. One hundred pieces are on display that represents the largest collection ever of Lennon’s art.
There are limited edition prints for sale if you feel you need his simple sketches in your home or office. The greatest appeal is that any of the pieces would be a great conversation opener since most people don’t know he even doodled no less had full sketch books full of drawings that are now creating a whole new bunch of bucks for his legacy.
There are even poems and song lyrics in his handwriting on display. You can see how he numbers the verses and always goes back to a repeated chorus. Yes organized pop music. Not like the crap you hear on the radio today. Now if you turn on any station on the radio you will hear a song that consists of one or two lines repeated to a great beat but still only a few lines of content going on for a 5 minute dance mix.
The Lyrics to Day Tripper is on display as well. The exhibit opened a few weeks ago to raise funds for charity. It will not last long because they have plans to move the precious documents to Connecticut, Michigan and other locations throughout the United States. It is all proof that while john Lennon may be gone, his art like our memory of him lives on.
Yes, John is one of our timeless treasures so it is nice to see something new about the man 32 years later. It also is a tribute to the creative spirit in people. There are other stars that have art collections meanwhile they were well known for a different form of artistic abilities like music or acting. The late disco diva Donna Summers had a vast art collection that she also sold as prints outside her concerts. Tony Bennett and Sylvester Stallone are well known artists meanwhile they make their living as a singer and as a actor.
Can you or I become a timeless treasure? Can you write a poem or sketch something or even hum a new tune? Do we dare try to form a collection of something we are not known to do? Probably not, because most of us spend all our time in survival mode simply trying to get to work, feed the kids, walk the dog, clean the bathroom. Yeah, most of us spend our time doing stuff we would rather forget we ever had to do.

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