Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It is time that one person’s health takes priority in life. The answers to health problems should no longer be found in test tubes. We need to look more at nature for the answers. What we eat and the type of environment we live in should take priority in determining how healthy we are.  Both men and women seem to need and want a boost in life to make them capture youth and vitality for just a bit more some how.
The latest trend is for older men to inject testosterone directly into their blood stream. Each day you inject a dose directly into your leg.  It hasn’t been approved by any agency but many men in their 50’s feel and look like their 20’s again in terms of muscle growth and vitality in their limbs.Their sex life couldn’t be any better. Time will tell I suppose, how long  an older man can go like this.
Women all through their life is a series of changes with PMS and then the period and then mood swings compounded with the disaster they have to endure during menopause. I thought it would be the best time of a woman’s life . Finally she can have sex without always wondering if she will get pregnant and the added mess of a period is gone from her life. Instead she has a whole new can of worms to deal with.
You can call it the seven dwarfs of menopause: itchy, bitchy, sleepy, sweaty , bloated, forgetful and all dried up. What happens as women age their body chemistry gets off and that is why they are cold and not sleeping and all these symptoms that are aggravating to all. I think I have seen all of these symptoms. Suzanne Somers the hot blond actress mostly know for her brief work on the eighties TV comedy Three’s Company considers herself some kind of health guru in the past 20 years and is a proponent of seeking and focusing on specific problems and finding a holistic way of dealing with the health issues.
She believes in the use of hormones. Your best doctor will not explain to you much about the hormonal system of your body because the professional does not know much about them. In medical school very little time is spent studying hormones. It is a scary area to go into since the hormone HRT was found to not only not prevent heart disease but it can cause uterine cancer so what are women to do?
So, keep away from Prempro because it is proven now to be bad for you. She is a proponent of Forever Health .com where she reads about doctors who prescribe bio-identical hormones that are approved by the FDA and more like what a normal functioning body should behave. The point is to have perfectly balanced hormones. She probably describes it better at her site
The most remarkable thing she has to offer is her story about her breast cancer. Twelve years ago she had breast cancer in one breast. After they cut it  off in a lumpectomy to remove the tumor she went for reconstruction. Instead of getting an implant she had a proceedure called a cell-assisted lipotransfer  reconstruction where fat from another part of her body was implanted in the breast area. For 12 years she went with most of her breast gone. At that time all they offered was transplants where they even wanted to take her one good breast out for symmetry.
The other procedure offered was Tran flaps which was cutting you from hip to hip taking the muscle, taking a blood vessel and moving it up to the breast area and creating something with no feeling. She was horrified that nothing else was available.
Suzanne has written a number of books and in her research has found a doctor in Japan Dr. Kotaro Yoshimara at the University of Tokyo who has successfully regrown the breasts of over 400 Japanese women. Suzanne brought the doctor to America and introduced him to Doctor Joel Aronowitz in Los Angeles who is already working with stem cell research and was taught the procedure.
Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital already invested in the technology and it took three years for her to apply for an IRB to qualify her for clinical trials. They took fat from her stomach and separated the stem cells and took them and put it in some of the fat and with a turkey baster regrew her breast so it was exactly the same size as her other one . The beauty of her story is that now she has full feeling and there is no foreign objects in her breast.
Because of her clinical trial there are 150 more woman that have done this procedure and 1,000 women are already lined up to do this procedure of reconstruction and this should be more well known to all to help women be all the woman they are. One thing for sure, they are complex and emotional and wonderfully impossible.

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