Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Major jocks have been major jerks alot and with all the endorsement money they get from companies and they should be held liable for their bad behaviour when they behave badly. Yes we know they have become famous for excelling in their chosen sports but with fame and fortune should come responsibilities to themselves and to the public that adores them. When my kids were young I bought them everything Daryl Strawberry, bats and gloves that had his name on it and then my kids had to find out he was a major drug addict. So, I don’t want my kid idolizing a disgraced player. The gloves and bats were now trash. I don’t want my kids saying any more that they want to grow up to be just like him.
Our kids need to follow a good role model to want to aspire to be just like them. The athletes that squander their money on flashy cars or make their money rain in strip clubs or get into drugs should be held accountable for their actions. There is an old saying that says justice that is delayed is justice denied. Well, finally there are some famous jocks that have been infamous idiots for a long time that have gotten their due justice only recently this past June. Let's name a few.
On May 30th the veteran diva Terell Owens nicknamed TO got kicked to the curb by the latest and probably the last team to tolerate his obnoxious and dumb acts. Yes, he got thrown out by an indoor football league . This guy refused to play in 2 upcoming road games that were critical to the Wrangler’s playoff hopes and also was a no-show for a scheduled appearance at a local children’s hospital. This wide receiver didn’t do much of his job there. Should our football heroes be teaching our kids to be irresponsible and get paid for a job and not show up to that job?

On June 1st Floyd Merriweather the fighter found it easier to get physical with the mother of his three children and finally went to jail for brutally beating her. He received a sentence for only 87 days for pleading guilty to a 2010 domestic battery, and no contest to 2 harassment charges, prompting prosecutors to drop felony charges prior to his sentencing back in December of 2011. He had a good lawyer because his violence could have gotten him up to 34 years in prison. The undefeated boxer with an 18 room mansion was suddenly inside a 10 by 6 foot jail cell. Before he entered the jail he received 32 million for boxing Miguel Cotto. Should our boxing hero's be teaching our kids that it is ok to try to kill mommy?

On June 7th we learned that the FBI was investigating former baseball pitcher Curt Schilling a Tea Party guy that evidently hates government handouts except when they are to him. His company forfeited on a sweet heart Rhode Island state loan leaving taxpayers to foot the bill. Should our kids be learning that it is ok to do the opposite what you preach?

On June 13th the United States Anti Doping Agency effectively said what so many have suspected that cyclist Lance Armstrong is a fraud. They officially brought charges that may at long last put cycling out of the spotlight. He is being stripped of his 7 Tour De France titles and to be imposed with a life time ban from the sport. He lied about using steroids and blood doping to enhance his ability to win. Should we let our kids grow up wanting to be a winning bicycle racing champion by lying and taking enhancement drugs?
Now we have the mud throwing of our political candidates flooding our televisions and mail boxes with propaganda saying the most horrible things about the other guy. Well are they horrible people or are they the person to lead us into prosperity? Who knows the truth until they are investigated and giving us a big apology speech. All I know is that everyone that is being paid to be famous should be famous for being a good role model and a model person. That includes football players, boxers, baseball players and bicycle champions.

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