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Almost 12,000 people have joined the group, 'Support Prince Harry with a naked salute!'
  • Soldiers serving in Afghanistan have shown their support most strongly! 
When military strategists talk about a frontal assault, this isn't quite what they mean.Thousands of British soldiers have stripped off in a show of support for their comrade, Prince Harry, currently in trouble over nude photographs taken in Las Vegas. From the scorching frontline in Afghanistan to rain-swept barracks in the UK, troops and supporters of the Armed Forces have followed his lead  and then posted the results on the internet, infuriating the top brass.

What's all the Huss? Soldiers from D Squadron The King's Royal Hussars pose in front of tanks
naked salute for Prince HarryWhat's all the fuss? Soldiers from D Squadron, The King's Royal Fussers, pose in front of tanks.  The fuss is that imagine all that swinging sausage before they pose cupping their junk.  The higher brass let the privates walk around holding their privates?  I think the military has too much free time on their hands .  Well ,should I even refer to anything involving their hands?
Yes, least we forget the military women of the world.  Now how can they say that they are being exploited when they wear their uniform this way?  I believe that women in the military can really be a distraction.  After all, a salute from this soldier  would make any man come to attention. This woman shows more than just her support! 
Military personnel have been showing their support for Prince Harry by posting pictures of themsleves performing nude salutes on the facebook site But then there are just over the top literally soldiers that support just too literally over the top.  Yes on top of each other.  This photo can also be used as a welcome to gay men to join the military.  They represent the new wave of soldiers who wish to protect their country and have some fun too in faraway locations.  These two could even be on a military boat saluting and looking for land too.  The poor guy on the bottom looks like he has a headache from being poked in the head.
These two jokers wear just socks and a wig.
Many of the servicemen and women are completely naked, using their hands or strategically placed guns, caps or rucksacks to protect their modesty.
In one photograph, men from D Squadron, The King's Royal Hussars, posed nude in front of two Mastiff armoured patrol vehicles in Helmand. In another, a naked soldier salutes in front of an Army vehicle with only a plastic bottle to preserve his modesty.
This is for fighting: These lads aren't afraid to show off their weaponsDespite protests that the troops are merely joking around to ease the stress of battle, senior officers are understood to be unimpressed with the near-the-knuckle pranks. By last night more than 16,000 people had joined the Facebook group, "Support Prince Harry With A Naked Salute!".  I always knew that the Royal Family is there to basically to show support for the troops.  Give them morale and help them get over the loneliness and stress that the military life can cause.  I think Prince Harry should be getting a good salute because obviousely he has inspired soldiers from everywhere to pick up their guns and protect the jewels of the free world.  Their own jewels.
These lads aren't afraid to show off their weapons!
Standing to attentionJust footwear protects this man's modesty! I guess when it is time to salute, you must stop whatever you are doing and stand up.  All of you rise to attention and honor your country and your Royal Family as this soldier does by even stopping from putting his boot down.

Look below at this female soldier.

 Can it really be a one size fits all military?  I like her size. Just the right size. And she is outfitted with a belt full of emergency supplies for any problem she may encounter in the field.  The free world needs to be well equipped and she is equipped nicely.  When you think the heat the miitary must endure and the extreme conditions found in the deserts of the Middle East, the soldiers should be kept cool, calm and collected.  Prince Harry is an inspiration to loyality to the British government and an inspiration in offering ideas to the troops as to what would be best to wear out in the desert.  After all, the Queen of England only offers in the way of how to dress a unsusual hat and handbag.  Where does she ever need that handbag, and what is in it anyway.  British citizens have to pay a seperate tax in the millions of dollars just to support the Royal Family.
Standing to attention Prince Harry was just trying to save some money by going naked on the budget allotted for the Royal tribe's clothes.  The world needs to lighten up and keep our religious differences at bay.  The problem is that they wear way too many clothes in the Middle East. 

This young lady may need a bigger uniform!

Guns 'n poses: These troops keep themselves camouflaged... just about
Guns 'n poses: These troops keep themselves camouflaged... just aboutThe movement has become so popular that military personnel from around the world, including Israel and the US, have posted photos of themselves in the nude.
The page was set up by ex-soldier, Jordan Wylie, 28, from Blackpool, after grainy pictures emerged of a naked Prince Harry along with two nude girls taken during a game of strip billiards in his $5,100-a-night suite at the Encore Wynn Hotel in Vegas.
Mr Wylie said: "It was outrageous [that] Harry was criticised for his antics in Las Vegas because he is just one of the lads.
He might be a royal but he is also a hard-working Apache helicopter pilot and he wants to have some fun.
Military personnel have been showing their support for Prince Harry by posting pictures of themsleves performing nude salutes on the facebook siteI'm sure Harry will be quietly smiling about the Facebook group. He may, however, be less amused by claims yesterday that a video of the romp exists."

 This girl is willing to show her loyalty to the third in line to the throne.
The 27-year-old royal, a captain in the Army Air Corps, is expected to be reprimanded for his behaviour when he returns from leave in a few weeks' time.

Tanks for the memories here where two servicemen salute Harry where they use signs to protect their modesty.
Tanks for the memories: Two servicemen salute Harry, with a sign to protect their modestyAs for his brothers (and sisters) in arms, a source close to the Army said it would be up to the commanding officers of individual soldiers in the photographs to decide if disciplinary action would be taken.
Everyone sees the funny side but there are people at senior levels in the Army who do not consider this to be appropriate. They will be thinking, "Does this really show us in the professional light we want to be seen [in]?"
It's unlikely anyone will get the book thrown at them.
The press watchdog has received 3,600 complaints after the Sun became the first British newspaper to print the naked photographs of Prince Harry.
Soldier with a flagAll came from members of the public. None came from St James's Palace or any other representatives of the Royal Family.  

Flagging up the issue: Only a strategically placed Union Jack protects the modesty of this serviceman! He is just trying to show his loyalty to the third in line to the throne.  I have to give a shout out to my friend Diane who found these photos for me.  Some women just love to do research.  Other friends of mine never want to be mentioned in my blogs.  After this one, I think I know why.
Camouflaged privates: These three use their helmets to help pay tribute 

Camouflaged privates: These three use their helmets to help pay tribute!

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