Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It is summertime. A great time to seek adventure, get away from anywhere you usually stay and let your imagination go wild. It is warm and hazy but at night it can be cool and refreshing. Even anywhere you can rise above the ground say only about 10 feet can feel like an adventure. So, go find a tree house. It can fit all your needs especially when in an adventurous mood.
So, literally, go out on a limb. Crete a quaint tree house for your kids that is large enough that they can overnight in. Maybe even create a rope and pulley system like a rope elevator of sorts to supply them with the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches without them ever having to come down from the structure in the sky. After all, every grade school boy’s dream is to have a tree house.
Where else can you have pine cone fights? Where else can you have stairs that lead to your room but you can shut the floor out on anyone else that dares to enter your private domain in the sky? It is your escape from the world and you are king of your tree house castle. It is no longer a few odd boards with just a floor. It has become major construction for adults that demand all the comforts of a on the ground home as well.
You might as well call it a chalet in the trees if it includes a gas fireplace to a comfortable bed to a bathroom and full kitchen but nature must provide the ultimate amenity with say a great view of the lake or a beautiful flower blooming field. Yes, there are construction companies that can create the ultimate tree house experience for you. There are adults that love being off the earth being suspended in the air being held by living things. In fact older tree houses can be some of the stronger houses because new limbs and foliage can support the structure by growing tree limbs naturally around the structure holding it to the tree.
Unlike buildings that tend to degrade from the moment they are made open, trees actually grow reaction wood where the tree has been prodded with fasteners. There is even a tree house bed and breakfast called Trillium owned by Peter Nelson who has also built more than 100 tree house designs for customers. He says that now tree houses are a legitimate form of architecture.
A famous artist Roderick Romero has been creating tree house designs for the rich and famous. He feels that nature is the architect and he is just trying to fit in a habitat. After being commissioned for just two projects, the popularity of the structures took off. Everyone who has anything should have a tree house too.
He created a tree house for the famous musician Sting and his wife Trudy for the property on their Italian home. He included an octagonal shaped hole to rise into the structure but their special request was that it should be wide enough to accommodate their good friend the opera singer Pavarotti at the time when he was alive. He went on to build tree houses for actress Julianne Moore and Val Kilmer.
Roderick’s favorite tree house is one he designed for a community garden in Manhattan’s East Village in New York City. Soon you realize that it doesn’t take much to get high the natural way, no bong necessary. In a tree, you get to see things from a different perspective. Maybe because when it comes to tree houses the perspective we really want is one from a child’s.
Either you are returning to childhood if you are an adult or if you are a child you are just exploring your imagination creating in a new world that is probably just a little ways from the main house where Mom and Dad can still keep an eye on you but yet you already have your own place.
Ok, so you live in an apartment or you live in Florida where there really aren’t great trees to make a tree house but you can at least dream of your oasis away from home at least for a few hours a day and maybe even invite the one you love up to your tree house and imagine a new life for awhile. Remember, you can go anywhere in your thoughts.

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