Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It is one of the worst mass shootings in American History and the only issue that both Presidential Candidates are in total agreement. Unfortunately it is not over something good that happened on our shores. Yes, tragedy can even make the rich and political stop their bantering for a speech to reflect on humanity. The very people they wish to supposedly protect with their policies need some attention after all. The mass shooting that took place at a movie theater left us with too few answers to the troubling questions we all still have.
It was at the Century Movie Theater complex. A place where we go to escape reality. We seem to like violence in public places in the movies but to some very sick people they need the violence in reality. I don’t blame them in a way. Hollywood provides us with the newest ways to kill people and the engineers find ways with electronic devices like the DVD players that allow us to freeze frame and watch the violence as often as we want.
Twelve dead and 58 wounded at the movies which is located just 12 miles from Columbine High School the site of another devastating disaster in 1999 and we all remember the massacre there. Maybe Colorado needs more musical theater to keep its residents happy. Both locations are not far from Denver either. The suspect is 24 years old James Egan Holmes and is not talking much to police and if there is a motive, well he’s not saying.
The police have the evidence that it was a deliberate planned attempt to harm even more people. To get answers from his home was stalled by traps of tangled trip wires and hand grenades that were set to explode, designed to kill and maim anyone who would dare to enter his apartment. He was detailed in his plan. So, now Americans have to have a fear of just going to the movies.
It all started as movie goers waited in line to see the midnight premier of the most anticipated movie of this summer the latest Batman movie called The Dark Knight Rises. The Batman characters in the comic books were just that, comical villains. Even the old TV series was even more comical that they even scrawled spelt out sounds like bam or kaboom. It wasn’t until recent movies that the Batman villains became so dark and really evil. There wasn’t anything comical about the latest joker character in the last movie.
Holmes bought a ticket like everyone else and sat near the front. Not long after the previews, the nightmare began. They noticed someone get up and walk out unusually by the front emergency exit and not by walking to the rear of the place. Just outside that door his car was parked where police say he stashed an arsenal. 6,000 rounds of ammunition and four guns three of which he used in the shooting.
This should start the debate into how many guns and how many bullets should one be allowed to buy in this country. I buy a song in I tunes and after 7 plays I cant even listen to the love song again but there is no limit as to how many bullets or guns or violent movies one can purchase. Then we wonder why people become sickos. Our candidates should discuss changing some gun laws if they really care about the safety of us that do not walk around with an arsenal of weapons everywhere.
Holmes covered himself head to toe in body armor including a gas mask. What was he expecting? Women and children to fight back with grenades and weapons of our own? That retaliation one would only see in a movie not real life. The old westerns had a good guy somewhere in the bar to take down the bad guy that just entered the bar. We don’t do that kind of stuff anywhere anymore. We are law abiding citizens. Should we be frisked to go to a theater like the humiliation we have to go through at the airports to travel? Or hand out guns with the 3D glasses too when they check for your movie ticket.
He came back into the theater through the propped open door. Witnesses say he threw 2 canisters at the audience that exploded in a puff of gas and smoke. Then came the bullets and buck shot. Josh Noland ducked under the seat but bullets found his arm and leg and he considers himself lucky. Some hit the floor others tried to run. In the dark all Steven Barton could see was the flash from the muzzle.
Zack Goldish wasn’t even in the theater. He was in the one next door and found that walls don’t stop bullets. He was hit behind his ear and realized that if he leaned back just a bit, he probably would not have a face anymore. When he was finished, Holmes as silently he entered, left the theater, went to his car and waited for police to take him into custody. So, this coward wanted to be safe with his own armor but wanted the fame of being a masterful villain. Well, he succeeded.
He didn’t resist, he just surrendered. Police say he had no connection to terrorist groups and he didn’t even have a record. He had just a single speeding ticket. His neighbors said he wasn’t even someone that you would notice walking down the street. Flags were ordered at half staff.
President Obama visited the scene and mentioned how hard the tragedy affected him because his daughters loved going to the movies and he experienced the fear and the thankfulness that his girls are safe yet many families lost their loved ones for no damn reason. Governor Mitt Romney echoed the statement the same day.
I wish our politicians could echo the same sentiment about more this country has to offer. Work together to find some solution to end these kinds of tragedies and truly make Americans safe even from other Americans.

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