Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It is as close to God as you will find on earth. It makes dreams come true and saves lives and like God did, they create it in seven days just like God. They give hope to shattered lives and injured bodies both emotionally and physically. It is unlike any show you can watch on television it is Extreme Makeover Home Edition. If you dare to flip through other channels you will see other video of people being berated and told they are useless and a no talent no matter the type of show everything is nasty competitive and the people there are constantly being judged.
So, no wonder Extreme Makeover Home Edition has been on for 9 seasons it is a shining example of the good in the human spirit. Our government has failed us in not providing enough giving back to the hard working citizens and military. After World War II the returning military were given Levitt Housing at affordable prices . They got benefits that only the military received because they served this country. Now many are homeless or hopelessly multiply handicapped with no assistance from the government. This home improvement helps military people in need all the time.
Our religious leaders have failed us by asking us to support their bloated first class lives by donating percentages of our salaries to their institutions. On this show the spirit of giving is met by hundreds even thousands of volunteers that donate their time to help build the homes.
Then there are the advertisers of the products used to make the homes. They always show the name of the manufacturer of the good or service in a subtle way by simply flashing the product name during the reveal of the new house. No one is annoyed, you feel almost relieved that now you know where to say get those kitchen cabinets they just installed for a needy family.
It is truly an uplifting show to all. The way we should feel after listening to our elected officials and our clergy that has failed us with their failings and greed. They do things that no one has ever done especially on television. They have built homes for over 200 families at no cost to the families accompanied with cars and college educations for their children and mortgages paid for even thousands of dollars in maintenance funds for the chosen families. It is amazing how through fund raising in a fun way with a celebrities help they also in one week raise thousands of dollars.
It is a life changing thing that they do. There are real tears of joy and sadness on screen and off like when you used to watch a real good old movie. It is a spectacle where a parade is formed by support of citizens just to assemble to cheer the revelations of something that makes everyone feel good. We need feel good TV not shows of people behaving badly with drugs and booze to have fun. Hundreds of people are assembled on this show giving a feel good feeling despite disastrous things that happened in their lives.
They have made a difference and Ty Pennington the host admits that there are not too many jobs out there that only gives you that feel good feeling. He leaves his mark inside and outside of people. Good marks. The season finale was the most dramatic yet where he built 7 homes in 7 days. He went to Joplin, Missouri that suffered from a tornado that struck on May 22. Over 8,000 homes were lost or destroyed. 162 people lost their lives. The show also rebuilt the town park and took 7 families to Disney vacations that included a Disney wedding. Who does that?
Right now the Republican party is having their big candidate of choice party. Millions will be spent on lavish corporate sponsored parties even the Commodores were hired to perform at a political bash. Meanwhile, there is a terrible storm ruining New Orleans right now. Thankfully, there are responsible people like the people on this show that don’t judge people negatively, don’t waste money on stupid parties don’t ignore people that have suffered . Support shows like this not harmful judging shows and not political parties or people that exploit people.

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