Saturday, July 21, 2012

She is about to be 30 years old and is a virgin. A beautiful athlete who hasn’t won any Olympic medals but never the less has 8 endorsement deals and earns in the upper six figures. You would never believe how far she has come in fame and career considering what a poor upbringing she and her family had to endure. Her youth is the epitome of a tragic tale that many innocent family members have to endure.
I wish to start a foundation for the families of incarcerated individuals. Yes, when the criminal parent goes to jail, somehow, funds should be made available so the rest of the family can survive. All too often the wives and children are left penniless when the husband goes to jail. No one cares about those innocent victims that did not perform any crime. Are they guilty by association?
She is Lolo Jones who is heavily involved in United States Track and Field . We know that she will be 30 on August 5th and has revealed on Twitter that she is saving her vaginal prize for her husband someday. She is known to have climbed over obstacles of another kind even though she has been training 4 hours a day for 12 years in order th win a 12 second race as a 100 M hurdler in the Olympics.
Lolo was favored to go home with a gold medal four years ago at the 2008 Beijing Olympics but a miss step clipping over the 9th hurdle caused her instead of finishing first with her medal but finishing 7th in the 100 meter race. That miss step crushed her Olympic dreams. Now she tries to redeem herself and win that medal again this summer at the 2012 Olympics to be aired August 6th and 7th . It would be a nice Birthday present since it is on the 5th of August.
She was so close to winning gold instead her loss was yet another setback in a lifetime full of them. Jones and her three brothers grew up extremely poor in Iowa with their parents Lori a blond woman and James a black man. Maybe that is why Lolo has that Halley Berry beauty. It was James that first taught Lolo how to run when she was only six years old. Since they didn’t have a car, they would both run to the grocery store and he would help her with her breath control’
Her father was in and out of prison often for things like armed robbery. Her mom did her best to keep the family afloat by moving her kids from one Iowa town to another to find work. At times she was a hotel maid or a cashier, anything to pay the bills and there never was enough money. They moved a lot, finally being desperate and homeless living in a locker room in a Salvation Army. Throughout her childhood Jones attended 8 schools in 8 years. Finally, she was able to stay in high school for 4 years in a a row.
Despite living with three different families by then, Jones flourished in high school. She was an honor student, played the cello and became one of the best track and field athletes in all of Iowa. She knew that if she kept winning that a scholarship to college would happen. LSU Louisiana State University that has the best track program in the country came calling. When she arrived in the Fall of 2000 to Baton Rouge, LA she did not disappoint. She went on to win 3 National Championships and was an 11 time All American. Later to go on to win 2nd place in the 2008 World Athletics Final in the 100M hurdles. First place in the 60 M hurdles in 2008 and 2010 and won in the World Indoor Championships. She graduated with a degree in Economics.
She failed to qualify in the Athens’s Olympics and worked any kind of job while training again. Winning again in 2008 gave her hope till the fall that ended the race, meanwhile she was favored to win that Olympics. Her work ethic now that we can all learn from failing, you can get stronger ,better and you are going to run and win again. We will all be watching to see her finally win her Gold medal.
She may not have left Beijing with a gold medal but she left a lot wealthier. She wants to validate her endorsements with a gold medal not just on her beauty and past accomplishments. She feels that there is nothing she can do about the way she looks besides age but also wants to find a husband in her life and has tried all dating sites. She admitted remaining a virgin has been the most difficult thing she has ever done in her life.

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