Thursday, June 14, 2012

There are new old nude pictures of Marilyn. She was the girl that put Mnnnnnnnnnnnnn into movies. Few people associate Marilyn Monroe with a photographer but he was there for her in the beginning and was there for her when she died. He respected her as a talented smart actress not as a sex symbol and never took advantage of her in that light. Yet, he has taken some of the most timeless sexy pictures we have ever seen of this woman. What a discovery and what a loss.
“She looks childlike and playful. It’s not even a nude picture, it is a picture that shows nothing but says everything.” so says photographer Lawrence Schiller who was on assignment at the time for Look Magazine. The new pictures revealed looks as if we walked into something private yesterday not years ago. In 1960 Marilyn was filming Let’s Make Love” where she sings her famous song, “My heart belongs to Daddy.” picture from there. She moved somewhere else and yes there were good shots taken from the new location . At that point he realized that she knew about photography and did choose the best shots.
By 1962 Elizabeth Taylor was staring in Cleopatra and gaining in popularity and Marilyn was worried that her own star was fading. At that time Marilyn was getting $100,000 a film where Elizabeth was getting 1 Million dollars a picture plus a percentage of the gross. Marilyn was angry because she thought she was as good an actress as Elizabeth was only she was offered just silly sexy pictures instead of real dramas.
He was still on assignment when she was starring in the never finished film, “Something’s Gotta Give” with actor Dean Martin when she had an idea for the pool scene that would make waves and magazine covers. She was thinking about jumping into the pool with a bathing suit on but coming out with nothing on. He didn’t know if she was kidding or not and was delighted not only to be able to shoot her like that but that he knew that shots like that would make him instantly a famous photographer.
The shots just released are sexy but somehow very innocent. She said that if he releases these pictures, she wants to make sure that Elizabeth does not appear in the magazine at the same time she has printed images of her. She needed the exploitation of her so she could still be very much in the public eye. He was the instrument that would deliver the message to the studios that she was wanted.
The images are as hot as ever. Look at this month’s yes the June issue of Vanity Fair for a bigger better glimpse of these extraordinary pictures. It devoted a section of the magazine issue to Schiller’s photos. Also, they appear in two different editions of his book called “Marylyn And Me.” one is silk bound and is signed. They also will be shown in a New York Gallery in a one man show.
Schiller covered many other contemporary artists as well. He has special candid photos of Mohamed Ali and Patterson in their prize fight, Newman and Redford, Betty Davis and Barbara Streisand. His photos show the joy of Sophia Lauren’s Oscar win, the tears in pat Nixon’s eyes as President Nixon conceded to John Kennedy when he lost the election. He has photo’s of the rifle used in the President’s murder held high above the crowd in the Dallas police station.
All his photos can tell a story in one image either through the lighting or capturing an expression or an overview of a scene. For example, in his photo of lee Harvey Oswald, he captures a close up which shows the hate and rage in his face. This the face of the man who has just been accused of killing Kennedy.
He also got close ups of Bobby Kennedy on his 1968 campaign trail showing him sleeping on the floor of an airplane. He liked showing the human side of iconic figures. We would have slept on the floor too just to be able to stretch out on a flight. For famous people media is everything and this guy’s photos are the ultimate in good media shots.

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