Sunday, June 10, 2012

Start thinking about Father’s Day and this year give him something really cool that he can also identify with. Why not give him tickets to the new Pink Floyd concert? It is a rock music experience unlike any concert you have ever seen before. Yes, the band that wrote the famous “Another Brick In The Wall” song about fathers and sons is on tour again sort of.
The band from the 70’s broke up years ago but the bass player, Roger Waters is still ambitious and is on stage playing his bass. Sounds boring? Well the good old rock music can never get boring. It would be good discussing and giving your kid a lesson in great rock music. Roger Waters delivers a very special concert breaking attendance records for concerts previously held by the Rolling Stones.
This summer there are new world wide tours being performed by Springsteen and Madonna but none will compare to this one. So, how can a 68 year old man who is not a famous name be the best concert of the summer when he is bringing back a double album that was recorded 33 years ago ? Well, he was the lyricist, bass player and creative force behind the rock band Pink Floyd.
The music is centered around the song “The Wall”. It is being rediscovered by audiences all over the world. It is not an ordinary rock concert it has sold out allover the world. Roger Waters composed the song in 1979 as a member of the band. Now he is performing it without the band. He has recently performed in front of 400,000 people in 9 sell out performances.
The song is about the walls that exist between people whether on a family level or on a global level. It is a very special show because it is one of the most ambitious shows ever produced. It involves music, theater and cinema. It has 42 HD projector TVs to beam thousands of animated images onto various sections of a wall. The wall is three stories tall and 140 yards long. No concert has ever gone this big before. The wall is more than the length of a football field. All that video space has to be synchronized with the music.
It took Waters and his tech team nearly 3 years to complete all the animation and live singers and action figures in front of the screens and get it done. They choreographed every scene every song and every image. Why would a 68 year old man bother to do this and do it on the grandest scale ever? Well, he has a deep connection to the song. He wonders about the fathers in his life he never knew. He lost his father in World War II and lost his grandfather in World War I. So, in your own little way celebrate your father if he is still here to touch and be with.
He wrote the song to be autobiographical about the loss of a father and about how it effected the son. It is about alienation and isolation; war and oppression and finally redemption all explored in this show. He made sure to reproduce the original sound of the album. His work on this project gives himself the reward. He left Pink Floyd in 1985 but never let the sound of the band in the last 25 years,
He wrote most of the bands songs including the “Dark Side of the Moon” album that became one of the most successful albums in history. Share the music with your sons and daughters on Father’s Day. The music stayed at the top of the charts for FIFTEEN YEARS not days. Sold over 50 million copies and made all the band members wealthy for life. Waters left with the concert rights to The Wall and now he alone is getting all the profits from this tour.
History helped too. In 1989 the Berlin Wall was chipped away. When that wall came down his song was resurrected. He got permission from East ans West Berlin to hold a concert at the site of the empty space where the wall once stood. It took 8 months to organize but on July 21, 1990 one of the greatest post war cultural events took place. There were at least 260,000 people attending when they stopped counting and at that point just let everyone in for free for safety reasons.
“The Wall” was broadcast in more than 50 countries and two decades later it is very relevant again. So bond with your father. Learn the good old rock music. Be glad you still have a father to talk to. Roger Waters always had a lot of money but never had his father or grandfather. At least listen to the song or go find the concert for a one in a lifetime experience.

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