Monday, May 7, 2012

DID YOU KNOW that America as we speak is developing a new kind of energy that will work to power this country? Yes, soon no more nuclear plants to give us Cancer, no more Middle East conflict over oil, no more solar panels that provide energy for just one light bulb. This is Laser power. Lots of lasers for clean limitless power. Will it happen and could the powers that be provide the new kind of power to us affordably? All my stuff has to be charged!
It is a huge and hugely expensive energy project going on in California as we speak funded by the government. Yes, your taxpayer’s dollars are paying for this but it at least is not funding weapons of mass destruction. It is funding the production of the biggest laser beam on earth. They made 192 of them and all the lasers are focused on a tiny capsule no bigger than a be be bullet.
It is part of one of the most ambitious science experiments in history. $3.5 Billion dollars have already been poured into the project. It is called the National Ignition Facility or NIF part of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. Inside of the capsule is a bead of frozen hydrogen. The lasers blast the hydrogen atoms so hard that they merge. A reaction that releases an enormous amount of energy.
Fusion. Stars do it all the time but at NIF they are trying to control that reaction here on earth to generate clean limitless power. With this there are no global warming gasses, no proliferation risks associated with lasers. Edward Moses is the Director of NIF and says that we are just a year away from scientific feasibility of proving that it will work. We are approximately a decade away from using it at a commercial scale. So in 10 years I don’t have to pay my oil Bill? Yahoo!
The operations are modeled after a rocket ship launch. There are people huddled behind their computer monitors watching every calculation and then there is even a countdown. The laser is encases behind 5 foot thick concrete doors. After 3 years now of testing and research NIF still hasn’t achieved the promise of it’s own middle name. Ignition. That is the moment when they get more energy out of a laser shot then they put in.
If they do obtain ignition, laser fusion still won’t be able to power a city until a plant can fire hundreds of shots a minute. Mr. Moses is very confident that they would be able to do the process more often. As usual there are skeptics that don’t believe that they will ever get to the ignition stage of development. They also believe that too much money is being spent on this project. People from the watch dog group called Tri-Valley Cares are constantly complaining about the project.
In the battle against the skeptics, NIF has just won an important round. A few weeks ago the capsule was blasted with 1.9 Megajoules and generated a thousand more times power than there is in the entire United States electrical grid. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! They say that is enough power to trigger ignition in a shot later this year. Why doesn’t America know about this stuff? We know where Whitney Houston was when she died! Why can’t we have TV shows that promote good things going on in this country rather than gossip nonsense? Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, TMZ all that crap who cares where Lindsey Lotion is now? Yeah, I misspelled her name on purpose, don’t write me about it.
And so what if this type of research costs us Billions of dollars. At least we are trying finally seriously to find an alternative solution to the Country’s energy problem. Now if we can only convince the Trillions of dollars being spent on oil and nuclear power to go away quietly something could really be achieved. No. they wont go away. Too many people are making too much money at our expense.
We can dream though of a world free of the need of carbon fuel, free of the need of oil crazy politics and most importantly one that can change the entire view of pollution restoring our little earth to the way it should be with our Arctic places restored to their frozen greatness and our air free from burnt chemicals. What more can we possibly want? Give this program a chance and learn about something good in life.

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