Tuesday, April 3, 2012

You are not the only one in Foreclosure God’s house is. Too. Where are the miracles of making water into wine and making fish appear in the fishermen’s nets. Hey God where are ya? They already threw the voice of the Cathedral Robert Schuller out. Yes , the founder of the famous Crystal Cathedral which had become a California landmark for 30 years is closed. Maybe it will become a Catholic Church they still have money.
We all remember it being built and we all saw the preacher on TV who with his distinguished full head of white hair and who wore his choir like robe preached the good words on religious TY stations. And we remember all the donations he asked for each week in order to build one of the tallest and most expensive religious building in half a century.
The Cathedral is made of glass. It’s design was to give its congregation a window to God. It was the vision of one man Robert Schuller who tried to make it the Church for the world by preaching from it and sending his TV reels to signals all over the globe. His message was a type of new Christian positive message. His motivation was supported by a simple statement he used to say, “If you can dream it you can do it.”
He began with making a deal with drive-in theater places to allow him to conduct a service every Sunday at 11 in the morning. After all, the drive-in can’t make money during the day. Honestly, is he a religious fanatic or is he just a guy trying to make a living in his own way? His humble beginnings began with a sign on the drive-in that simply said “Welcome to Worship Gather in California’s Beautiful Drive-In Church Robert Schuller Protestant Churchman. It is known that sometimes he went car to car.
It became the Cathedral all clear rising to the sky in Garden Grove , California. His TV show was called “The Hour of Power.” Now who wouldn’t watch that? It was only an hour of your time and it said you can have power? It didn’t even matter what faith you grew up believing. We are talking about power here. He was one of the first to preach from the electronic pulpit of television and he boasted right on top of the name that appeared on your screen ”America’s Television Church.”
His Ministry at its peak reached 20 Million people around the globe through his weekly television program. Hey, I could use more money, should I go on line and get one of those Ministry licenses? They say I can have one in 24 hours. But where are the drive-in theaters? Robert Schuller parted the waters for many broadcasters to follow. But today his sermon returns to his roots in an indoor movie theater by his daughter Sheila Schuller Coleman. I guess being a religious leader can also be an inherited trait as we see in so many other occupations lately as well.
She will not be staging the extravagant holiday pageants they once held in the Cathedral’s glory with nativity scenes with live camels and sheep and elaborate costumes. The Cathedral’s ageing congregation dwindled, the recession hit, donations were down and his income dropped by a third. He went Bankrupt and experienced problems just like the average homeowner.
He was living in a house he couldn’t afford anymore; only this was a House of God. You would think bill collectors would give a house of worship a break! No, the new bankers are not the guy from the movie “It’s A Wonderful Life.” where James Stewart gives money away to his neighbors and simply says, “Pay me back when you get on your feet again.” But maybe Robert doesn’t deserve a break, this palace he built was way to extravagant and quite pompous of him. Wasn’t God and Jesus a simple preacher without any glass palace?
It was not just any house. It was designed by the famous architect Philip Johnson and was enormous and enormously expensive to operate and maintain. The family still does not believe that they went too far with building the structure. Recently she delivered the last sermon from The Glass House of God. Now she plans to deliver God’s word from the internet. Yes, all of a sudden Schuller’s brand of religion can be preached from anywhere.
They are broke with no buildings to live or work. Life is full of setbacks and they feel that this is just another set back like in the Bible that is a series of setback stories that somehow you can at least reason with. The internet is a place of mystery where if you let it, people you will never see or touch for real can somehow touch your heart in very spiritual and loving ways. Lets hope someone will have success there without more destruction of souls.

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