Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hey! What happened to free speech? What about ”sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me? “ I said that to every bully in the school yard growing up that was mean and didn’t actually beat me up yet. Even in chat rooms, people try to censor you or create rumors just to hurt you. It is human nature to be mean; get over it.
Then there are the real evil ones that fire you from a job just because you said something they didn’t like or agree with. This sort of what’s popular now censorship has to stop. It doesn’t solve anything and is too hurtful to all. You don’t like what I’m saying? Then keep walking is my mantra.
If I want to say nigger or midget or fag or ginny or dike or anything you can think of that everyone knows and was used to identify someone in a derogatory way, let me. You don’t like it? Fine ! Leave and decide that you do not want to be around me in any way. Don’t worry, then I’ll probably stop and learn to be more sensitive to other people’s needs and wants and I’ll probably never use those hurtful words again. No one wants to be alone in a room.
The biggest tragedy is what is happening to the American black male. I really don’t know how they survive. They don’t even have to say or do anything without getting criticism from people. Recently there was a horrific shooting in Florida where a neighborhood watch group of racists shot an unarmed black kid to death. And Fox News Geraldo Rivera said that the hooded sweat shirt that the kid was wearing is as much responsible for the crime as the guy himself. What?
Even more incredible is that Geraldo is the smart one at Fox News. If anyone follows this logic, then Geraldo should be shot too because his large moustache makes him look like a Bandito. This “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida which means you can use any amount of force if you think there is some sort of perceived threat is dangerous to anyone. The bigotry can be quickly justified for your death.
So, does it mean that every black man wearing a hood is a criminal? Shoot Him? Really? The kid’s name was Trayvon Martin and hopefully it made this Nation at least pause for a while to realize how stereotypes in name calling and actions really need to be given a second thought. The group that thought it was best to kill the kid because of the way he looked should be shot for being biased however they have the right to think however they want. Just don’t give them weapons. Change that ridiculous law that allows stupid people to be judge and jury with a sentence in an instant.
There is an internal investigation going on now with the city manager and the Mayor of Sanford, where the shooting took place. The shooter’s name is Zimmerman which sounds like a Jewish name but he is Latino. Should more stereotypes going through your head be able to be outspoken? The shooter even used a reference by saying the word “coon.” So, can we finally assume that the shooter is a racist idiot?
The world has moved to a different place. Unfortunately we are used to attacks by this time. We all remember the Rodney King incident where right on tape we all saw the black guy being beaten to near death by cops. People rioted in Los Angeles. We are so desensitized now that no one is even reacting to this kid’s death. Have we also forgotten former Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Perry’s Nigger Head Ranch? This is not Civil War times.
Is denying recism the new racism? Obama got a lot of it in the past 4 years. It is obvious that anyone who uses a racist or knowingly offensive name for someone is a racist because they identify someone within those names. If a black man just even runs across a street some people assume he just robbed someone. The shooter of the kid assumed that the kid had a weapon in the waistband of his pants just because that is where he saw the kids hands placed.
So even if a black man wears a nice suit racism wont stop a biased shooter look at Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. They got shot and always wore nice suits. If a girl wears sexy clothes and gets raped, was she asking for it? There are no come shoot me or rape me or call me hurtful names clothes. But there are biased people everywhere. Ler them say whatever thy want. Now you know who they are and deal with them move away till they learn to change their thoughts and please don’t give them laws and weapons to carry out their bigotry of any kind.

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