Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hey! Leave Europe alone, especially Northern Europe. It is not a bad place to live. In fact given the choice , most Europeans rather stay in “their” country rather that live in America. Somehow the European economy has become an issue in the Republican campaign . The candidates hashed out statements about Europe that just aren’t true.
The recession is in force there just as it has hit Americans. However, the Europeans have a way of copeing. They have survived World Wars and centuries of ups and downs in their various cultures. They know how to cope with disaster and now with spring here, they will open their outdoor cafĂ©’s breath in the fresh air, order a rich coffee or wine and cheese, sit back and think about their monetary problems in a happier calmer way.
The Republican Presidential hopeful’s point of view is totally wrong. Mitt Romney says, “We are increasingly becoming like Europe. It is a socialist state.” Well how bad is that? According to my source :BLS.Gov/Cia.Gov, Germany’s unemployment rate is only 5.7% whereas the United States boasts 8.3 %. The country has an immense export surplus with world leading innovative companies. America makes nothing. Yes the world wide appeal of Apple products we can’t even claim as America’s pride and joy because each and every gizmo is made in China by not so happy workers.
According to former U.S. Ambassidor John Kornblum, Germany’s economic system is closer to Eisenhower’s time in America than it is to socialism. Who remembers anything from Eisenhower’s time in the Presidency any more? He says, “The governments in Europe and especially in Germany they could probably be given credit for writing half of the republican economic policy. They believe in low taxes, saving money, low government expendatures and no deficits.” Isn’t that what Americans want too?
The candidates are dealing in caricatures of Europe and are 90% wrong. They are trying to smear their opponents by throwing out there the socialism word. What is actually present in Europe is a kind of social democracy and probably not even close to that . Americans don’t even know what the word socialism means but it sounds Russian or something. They vaguely remember the names of people like Stalin or Lenin being thrown around that day in social studies class in high school when they slept through the entire lesson and got all the socialism questions on the test wrong anyway.
If you are a candidate that wants to move to the White House and be our next President, why worry about details? Newt Gingrich would attack his opponent Mitt Romney by saying, “ I am for the Constitution ! He is for European Socialism.” Mitt said about Newt, “He wants to turn America into a European style social welfare state” These guy shouldn’t be campaigning against each other, they should be in bed together swooning over their new word beginning with S.
Don’t think the young European voters are not looking carefully at the United States election. They just hope that the Americans are more intelligent than the Poleticians running in this election. One thing that bother’s Europeans is the Republican Candidates insistance on referring to Europe and European socialism as if they were talking about a single entity when in fact the European Union alone is comprised of 27 different countries each with it’s own language, culture and social system. For example, Italy is about the size of Florida and is very different from other places in Europe.
European nations have seen their fair share of riots over benefit cuts, their fair share of foreclosures and long unemployment lines. And besides, their cradle to grave social systems have been set up over 60 years ago. Their system does have to be changed to reflect our rapidly changing times but not to the extent of removing the safety net.
Even there, there is a presumption that health care should be guarenteed and when we pay taxes we also want a minimum amount of care provided in an emergency at least which the community should provide. In Europe it is provided to everyone. Even a tourist that ends up in an ambulance in Italy can expect to get full comprehensive care. No one there will demand to see an insurance card first or send a bill when it is over. That alone makes you feel more secure in that country.
There was a time when Europe’s youth and middle class saw America as a shinning beacon of opportunity. Even our currency was once a treasured piece of paper to keep. Now America is no longer considered as the ultimate in career and lifestyle improvement. In Northern Europe they are looking at the United States and saying ,” Boy I am happy not to be there.”
The fact is that in Europe unemployment is lower, job security is higher, education is free, medical care is comprenhensive. Candidates! Please get your facts right!!

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