Thursday, March 22, 2012

She has never advertised her product but it is used by many and is a Billion dollar company. She is the creator and inventor of Spanx, Sara Blakely . This product substitutes for the corset and the girdle or any other name you can think of as an undergarment to hold it all in firmly. So, you would expect her to be a big person who needed something new to fulfill her needs. Nope, she has never gained excessive pounds in her life and she is hot too.
Her inspiration for the product was her own butt, derriere ok ass. She decided that she did not know what to wear under a pair of tight white slacks. Her regular underwear left a panty line, then thong just puts underwear where you should try to get it out of, if you have any kind of cellulite, you want that to look smooth somehow so one night she said she cut out the top of Control Top Pantyhose.
That worked for the top but the bottom was a problem in that the pantyhose on the bottom would roll up. So, she got to work and at age 27 got on the internet and looked up hosiery mills, and sock companies to come up with a comfortable band that would come up just below the knee. At the time she came up with the idea she was selling fax machines door to door.
The company was started with a $5,ooo investment which was her entire savings at the time. She is now 40 years old and she definitely made good on her investment. So being 27 when she cut the feet off the pantyhose, then at 29 years old she was able to launch her company working on nights and weekends on her product. It was important for her to get the first prototype. She made the packaging on her friends computer. So no advertising and no design for the packaging expenses.
Being an unadvertised company she is shocked that it has become the go to product for the celebrities and general folk alike. Who can have a successful company like Spanx without advertising in the past 11 years? The success has been brought about with rave reviews from the women that wear the product and by word of mouth who bragged about the thing.
The product line has now expanded into not only the pants but tights, a top and just about any part of the body that need some firming and could use a little help from a fabric that keeps it all together. Her newest product is a type of bra that the straps are made from pantyhose. She boasts that her bra elevates the strap line and doesn’t dig in. Her success is there partly because her undergarments are know for their comfort.
Now she is also expanding or should I use the word contracting ( haha Ok. Bad Joke ) into a line for Men. She has developed a kind of T Shirt that holds in the stomach area for firmness in Men. Yes, now fatties of both sexes that won’t firm up can give the appearance when the finally get to meet each other in an airport somewhere. Be prepared to see what you are finally showing off when you shed your spanx in a hotel room .
This Spanks thing is an excuse for people to just get away with that extra 5-10 pounds of unfirm body mass. She has even made the all leg version easy to not even have to take off . There are pee holes in them for both males and females in the high waisted version. Yes, you don’t even have to take them off to go to the bathroom. This product gives new meaning to the term “the lazy American.”
There is now her newest idea the active pants. It has a tummy panel and is designed to be worn tightly. I am all for the tight if it looks right and her formula seems to be working for millions of people now. So, America, if you cant firm up by yourself, buy the Spanx. It needs no advertising.

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