Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hypocrite = Politician or Leader who tries to tell you how to lead your lives. Just look at the Republican hopefuls or even past Presidents! This is hardly the example of fast talking leaders we need to show our children. The dictionary definition of a hypocrite is one who pretends to be pious or virtuous without really being so. Sounds a lot like some of the Republican Candidates this year.
The South Carolina Presidential Debates are still echoing in my head. That Newt guy really shocked everyone in his new twist of diverting answers to questions by pointing fingers at others. So, the moderator reminds Newt Gingrich that he asked his second wife to enter into an “Open” marriage. Newt decides that he doesn’t want to respond to the issue and says, “I am frankly astounded that CNN would take trash like that and use it to open a Presidential Debate.” Well, that “trash” was created by you Newt!
He goes on to say, “I am tired of the elite media protecting Barrack Obama by attacking Republicans.” Sometimes the media could take criticism but should not be used as a sacrifice to mask the truth. We already knew that Newt has been married three times. What he did or various Mrs. Gingrichs did or didn’t do is private and none of us could care less until he tries to tell us how moral or pious we should be in our lives.
Politicians have a long history of not being so very moralistic. They are mostly male and engage in all kinds of naughty behavior. I don’t care, their behavior is none of my business either. Just Google politicians involved in scandals, you will be busy reading all night. The right question to Mr. Gingrich should have been, You say you want to reduce the size of our government yet you want to expand the governments reach by banning abortion and marriage equality. Many politicians have engaged in same sex relationships and many have had aborted children with partners.
The hypocrite Newt signed a marriage fidelity pledge yet he had a six year extramarital affair! How stupid do these guys think we are. Why be so moralistic with the American people when you blatantly do not practice what you preach? We need to demand from our leaders the same expectations they have for us.
This Newt also said that he wants to give ghetto kids janitorial jobs to teach them a work ethic yet as Speaker of the House, this Newt was fined $300,000 dollars for ethics VIOLATIONS. That means our government could not take his dishonest practices any more. Lets give Newt a broom and teach him a lesson too! Ghetto kids did nothing wrong. They just had the bad luck of popping out of the belly of a woman that for some reason is living in poverty! This is hypocritical!
Of course Democrats can be hypocrites too. Sometimes in bigger and splashier ways. We can take it all the way to a standing president. Who can forget our popular President Clinton. You remember, the last one to have a balanced budget? He was also considered to be our champion of women’s rights. He had a great marriage so we thought, that seemed to be the meeting of equals, both highly educated individuals deeply concerned about our government and rights. Yet in private, Bill was chasing many women which indeed led to his impeachment for lying under oath about the Monica Lewinsky affair. Yes , under oath where you place your hand on the bible, lift up your hand and say you are telling the truth so help me God. Hypocrite! Demeaning women in your own office in the White House. Unbelievably, Mr. Clinton is still in high regard by some women’s groups.
Then there is the handsome rich Mitt Romney who believes in free enterprise. But he gets bashful when questioned about his Quarter Billion Dollar personal fortune and the business practices that created his wealth. He squirms about paying a tax rate lower than middle class families and he coy about releasing years of tax returns. When asked at the debate he puts a silly grin on his face and simply says “Maybe!” That is so hypocritical!
Many religious leaders aren’t any better either. One of the most recent hypocritical leaders is the Georgia Mega Church Pastor Eddie Long who is a very vocal righteous OPPONENT of gay marriage. He was recently accused of having sex with FOUR male parishioners. He decided to settle out of court. Look, we are all spiritual people that can believe in the power of forgiveness and redemption but you guys have to stop the hypocracy of what you say and do, then maybe I will take you seriously and forgive.

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