Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolutions! Lets not make it about you and me! Lets have them yes all of those that we feel have done an injustice to something or someone resolve to do it right this new year! Lets be organized and diligent and stick to getting it right for all people everywhere! Now I sound like Obama with his one word ”Change” that everyone got orgasmic over 2 years ago. Ugh!
But change is good. Yes we all have to change our bad habits that most of us still have year after year. Some of us have changed. Many of us do not smoke anymore and more of us meditate or do yoga or even take those green drinks or something healthy. Now we have to band together and change the injustices that are being done to us directly and to others around us.
We do not need to get beat up by a cop or protest in front of buildings and loose the only work we have managed to maintain. However, we all know people that work or know people. That is how our society runs now . Nepotism is wild and rampart. It is no longer what you know, it is who you know that determines your successes in life. So, I am suggesting to use your influence to make sure the good and honest people get the breaks in life and not the aggressive and pompous.
All my rants here are my desperate attempts to be heard by someone somewhere even if I will never know who you are. Some of the specific things that need change I wrote about this past year.
December 29th I wrote about the coral reefs being destroyed and the one place on earth near Cuba the ocean is thriving. Do what you can to stop the destruction of our oceans.
December 22nd Stop town officials from tearing down perfectly good homes that were left vacant due to foreclosures and sub let the properties to people that need a place to live.

December 21st Create a forced retirement plan and medical insurance plan for all our sports heroes that are spending their millions irresponsibly on expensive bling. Our kids need role models not scandals on the dinnertime news about these guys.

December 14th Eat an apple and plant those seeds. We all need trees and why not a tree that bears something we can be fortified by. This is an easy resolution.

December 13th Feed the hungry. Everything in the supermarket is in smaller quantities and has been marked higher in price. If you work in a place that serves or sells food, instead of throwing perfectly good food out, take the effort to organize a way to give someone that extra food and save money for them.

December 9th Don’t vote for Newt Gingrich or any other bloated seasoned politician that already made millions by simply being in politics. Make them earn their money and be known for actually helping the American people in some way.

December 8th Find those bankers and make them go to jail for the mortgage mess in America. If their unfair rules forced someone to loose their home they belong to be prosecuted. Be brave enough to report them to someone somewhere.

November 27th Get rid of the Nazi tactic lobbyist in Washington, Grover Norquest who makes every politician sign his Pledge or he will make sure they are ostracized from any publicity for their campaigns.

November 21st Stop allowing American doctors from getting us hooked on prescription drugs. Always watch the blank stare your doctor gives you when you ask for a natural or holistic remedy for your ailments.

November 10th Tell corporate America to stop paying off our politicians. The corporate lobbyists run this country not our elected officials who are supposed to be the representative of our wants and needs.

November 9th Stop racism. So what if he or she is a different shade of skin. And get the race question off of any document. If we refer to each other just by name and not by the black, Asian , Italian ,polish gay or lesbian ; If we eliminate all these words we will stop racism
So, here are some of my resolutions that I ranted about in just the past two months.

I have written 350 posts.
Lets all just resolve this new year to do something good that will benefit someone.

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