Saturday, January 21, 2012

He just got a 5 Billion donation from one person, a billionaire Sheldon Addison so he can leader of our so called democracy? The candidate with the riches pimp gets the advertising to promote himself to the American people. This latest heinous act is further proof that we need campaign finance reform.
It all goes back to a few years ago when the Supreme Court gave a decision that corporations can give unlimited money to a person’s political campaign. Lest we forget that each and every justice of the Supreme Court is appointed by a President, kind of a pay back for giving the justice a lifetime paycheck, yes a job for life. Not bad.
So the Supreme Court justices make this ridiculous rule that simply says that our so called elected government officials are the prostitutes of corporate America. We see it happening in the Republican candidates as they drop out one by one usually because they ran out of money. Newt should have been gone by now too instead his pimp gave him a bath and put him out on the street again.

At the most recent debate Newt even managed to appear to be a rock star when he was able to divert the attention from his deplorable personal past with his many wives to having the audience applaud that the questions by the moderator was unnecessary. Yes, with 5 Billion dollars at your disposal you can now afford the best in public relations and the stupid American public fall for each and every tactic
This is one of the worst things that has happened in this election cycle that there are super pacts or independent expenditures being made. Anyone can now run a campaign without having to raise signatures or any money from many donors. All you need is a rich friend to pay for an advertising campaign. So, as you see, we have all sorts of weirdoes running for president who simply have hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal.
There are no limits and no accountability necessary for where this money is coming from. Within the last year in this country we saw the Tea Party Movement we saw the huge Occupy Wall Street Movement disenfranchised people from both sides of the political spectrum who are very angry because they don’t have jobs and realize that they aren’t going to matter at all in this election because of all this money that are coming from very wealthy people.
The American people are NOT being represented and it is disgraceful!
And now the RNC, the Republican National Committee is doubling down asking the courts to give corporations the ability to directly give the contributions to Federal candidates. This request if passed will be upending almost 100 years of campaign policies in this country. So the people don’t like where we are now. How did this happen?
So, the people should support campaign finance reform. This mess started in the mid 1970’s where each dose of money flowing to candidates made the problem got worse. The problem of unaccountable money, the candidates spending more of their time raising money becoming an enterprise that only gets worse each year. Thos enterprise began when the desire was to prevent the parties from giving money to the candidates.
In the 1940’s there was a cap on what the parties can give to the candidates. We cut the parties out of the business of being in the same places where the money is being raised and spent. The parties gave a check to their chosen candidate and when it was spent, it was gone. Now, a elected official spends all their time just getting more money into their war chests by giving oral to anyone willing to pay them money.
Yes, politics does create strange bedfellows. Yuck!

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