Monday, January 16, 2012

E-Cards are the new way to say well, whatever you want to say to anyone these days. The Post Office is going broke because few people even buy Holiday stamps anymore. I notice the decline in sending Christmas Cards because there were many still on the shelves in the stores that sell them. Only old people even buy the cards. I also noticed that the pile of cards I sent and received was an even shorter pile than last year. I remember bringing once boxes full to be mailed at holiday time. Is it that people don’t wish anyone well anymore for the holidays?
Call it an E-Revolution. The holidays are the only time of the year any one even bothers to send greetings. According to my source, Hallmark, they still estimated that Americans bought 1.5 Billion Holiday Cards this year. However, there is a new way to send your love or best wishes that is catching up with the printed card. The E-Card and there is a website that offers the cards for free. The founders of this website admit that their cards are more of the funny type rather than the heartfelt cards of Hallmark. In this year of disasters and Trump, we need to smile even if it is over a stupid card. 
They have cards that say: Good luck explaining to your kids why it’s okay for Santa to be morbidly obese. Or Allow me to apologize in advance for what I’m going to say to you at the office holiday party. How about, I hope you like the gift you told me to buy for you. The site is named Well it is a obvious name for a site like this.
The founders are purposely being wise cards get it the joke wise cards instead of wise guys, well forget it, because they want to make up the difference from what they think traditional greeting cards lack. Mainly honesty. Like the Santa card that says, Everyone puts on a few pounds during the holidays. Or, Christmas shopping for you has made me realize that I know absolutely nothing about you.
The philosophy is, don’t write a joke just be honest. The owners of the site used to work in big advertising firms but quit their jobs for this site that was launched in 2007. Their tag line is, when you care enough to hit send. Each card is just one sentence like the one that said, I want a Christmas tree for Hanukkah. Or, However old you are is the new 30.
In 2012 traffic to the site was up 400% with 5 Million visitors each month. Nationwide, then 17% of all households sent e-greetings that year. They have cards for every occasion from heartfelt to utterly pointless. Like the one that says, Your gift to me was so wonderful that I think you’ve been cheating. Or, May you live to be so old that your driving terrifies people.
They also have sections devoted to breakups. Like, It’s not you, it’s my horrible choice in men. Hallmark devotes sections to how many years you are married anniversary cards. Maybe this stuff is a sign of the times. People spend more time breaking up than being married!
When work feels overwhelming, remember that you’re going to die. That is their work related card. It is a cynical approach to a positive message. The message is lighten up there are bigger things to worry about. The polls say to the question: Did you send traditional holiday cards this season? 65% of the people over age 65 said yes to sending cards. 48% of younger people said NO to the question.
So, go to the site if you want to hear from anyone in the future and hope the power doesn’t go out. 
Today is Christmas Day and I know that I should be sending some universal thought of peace on earth and good will to all but I am also aware that lately people aren't saying or doing all that. This year there were natural disasters, political hate, s sexual predator revolution exposed and there is still extreme poverty with refugees having no home to go to. I guess the way to be grateful or hopeful for a better future, start with your friends and relatives and find a way to make them all smile. Hopefully smiles and love will become contagious and we can all catch that soon. 
I am extremely grateful for all of you reading this today and any day I pour my heart and soul and thoughts on the pages of this blog every day. Thank You and have a Merry Christmas Day.

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