Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You lost the house to foreclosure but Suze Orman advises you not to leave until the bank padlocks your home. She is a lesbian who has a life partner and is now married after a ceremony in South Africa. Even though the states have passed gay rights laws, nothing has passed on the federal level. In South Africa there is no difference in the laws whether you are straight or gay. Lately, she discusses home life and how to survive after you lost your job too.
Orman’s new show “America’s Money Class” debuts on January 9th on the OWN channel. There she will discuss where to go and what to do. If you lost your job, what should you pay off first? There were 230,678 Foreclosure filings in October alone of this year. The occupy Wall Street Protesters are bringing their fight indoors with plans to stay in foreclosed homes.
Although unemployment fell recently from 9% to 8.6% there are too many problems still out there. Chances are that you would not be able to get another job for 2 years. You still have a mortgage payment and kids to feed. Even President Clinton said recently that until the debt problem is solved, the jobs will not come back in America.
Suze agrees with President Clinton that support must be put behind our current President because Obama is on the right tract and it might take as much as 5 years until growth can be back in this Country. Obama deserves to be reelected. Remember, Clinton was the only recent President who managed to have a balanced budget and a bit of a surplus of funds here.
It is always important to remember that the financial problems and corporate greed practices were inherited by Obama. He recently called for extending the payroll tax cut that is set to expire at this year’s end. A rich person’s life will not change significantly if they pay 100 or 200,000 dollars in taxes this year but funds like that would help the 99% of Americans who are struggling. If that tax money will help people keep their homes, keep their cars, and send their kids to school, then so be it.
Governor Cuomo of New York State is already raising the taxes on the wealthy despite opposition from the Republican Party. If that works, New York has a chance to become solvent. Suze has a show called “The Suze Orman Show” and is the author of a book called “Money Class.” What is happening to middle America effects everyone. If things are not being paid, it affects their portfolios, the value of their homes and you are loosing money even if you have a job!
The collapse of major institutions in 2008 will not be fixed until 2025! Suze wrote a book called “The 2009 Action Plan” that was written in 2008. She predicted on only page 6 of the book what we are all suffering from now in the economy. The blatant deceit , lies and greed of the banks and other institutions are bringing everyone down.
The new Occupy Homes Protestors will probably get arrested if they do that but if you own a home and go through foreclosure, you should try to stay there as long as you possibly can. You will save money if you do. It will also keep your home from being ransacked from other people that know that it is empty. The banks are probably even loving that you are staying in there because if you move out, the place will be rundown and a poor investment.
If you leave and that house is empty, if someone occupy’s that house and hurts themselves, and it hasn’t been foreclosed on yet, YOU ARE LIBEL. So, keep your house insurance in force even if you have moved out until that house is no longer in your name. The police will not come and take you out of the home. In fact the bank wants you to stay a long time to keep their soon investment looking good and not abandoned. Happy Holidays in Your Soon to be Foreclosed Home! UGH

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