Friday, December 30, 2011

You are in the middle of the Holidays and gave all the gifts out and went to most of the parties, what is there left  to do? There isn’t even enough snow anywhere this year to go skiing! So, lets go see the new movies out this winter.
Tis the season to go to the movies. Skip the new Sherlock Holmes movie “A Game of Shadows” though the English actor Jared Harris is an agreeable chilling character of a Professor Moriarty. Of course if you loved Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law and their brand of chemistry as seen in the other Sherlock Holmes movie, You’ll like this chapter of the same stuff you saw before.
Coming home comedies should be a safe harmless thing to see but not this sour movie starring Charleis Theron that is called “Young Adults.” She is so beautiful but here she is called a psychotic prom queen bitch and is a delusional drunken witch from hell. The rest of the movie dwells on how the other characters deal with this weirdo.
Everyone wants to see the revenge thriller “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.” It is the American version of the popular revenge thriller book by Stieg Larsson from Sweden. You have to be a weirdo to think that this stuff is entertainment. But if you like watching rapists, and Neo-Nazi serial killers get really kicked by a chick with piercing and a tattoo, this movie brings on the hate from both sides.
A kinder and gentler movie called “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” is loosely based on Jonathan Safran Foer’s Novel about boys and their Dad’s tragic legacies. The boy in this movie lost his dad played by Tom Hanks on 911. After he died, the boy found a key in the Dad’s closet and he spends the rest of the movie trying to figure out what the key could possibly open. It is basically a scavenger hunt for the unknown but is done well and is very powerful.
“Tinker Taylor Soldier Spies” stars Gary Oldtman as George Smiley and is hard to follow even if you have read John LeCarre’s book. It is set in the cold war paranoia setting of double agents and spies sinuous with that era in time and will thrill you with all the ideas they came up with to spy on the enemies.
The more action heavy espionage picture is “Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol” owned and starring Tom Cruise. It is the 4th movie he has done in this series. Tom finally lets other actors like Jeremy Renner in on some action scenes. Here you see the genius of Pixar’s Brad Bird's first non-animated movie. All the action scenes no matter how dangerous, you get the feeling that the hero will never be harmed just like a cartoon.
America’s famous director Steven Spielberg has woken up and gave us 2 great movies to see lately. One is “The Adventure’s of Tin Tin” which owns the honor of being Steven’s first animated movie. Here he goes wild being able to do anything he wants and still having the action adventure like his “Indiana Jones” movies and here no children are harmed on the set.

Speilberg’s other gift to us this season is “War Horse” yes, a movie about a horse. The story comes from a children’s book told through the eyes of a horse. Different. It is set during the first World War where horses were taken from their owners to be used during the War. Some may say it is a corny movie like the old Disney family movies, but others might find it comforting that it is a heart warming story even though it shows too much of the slaughter that wars bring on. It reminds us of our common humanity even though the main character is a horse.

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