Saturday, December 10, 2011

They are still Red Hot! Yes the Red Hot Chili Peppers. No not the veggie that Spanish people like to eat. THE BAND! And now they are on a European tour. Under the Bridge was a great song of theirs written in 1992 ,yes, 20 years ago they were hot too!
Who are this band? Sometimes they sound like rock, other times their songs sound like rap and then they got the slow songs too like Stadium Arcadium. They come from Southern California and have sold more than 60 Million records. The band began in 1983. Two band members Kiedis and Flea know each other since 1983 in high school. In Los Angeles.
They soon became known for their wild performances including appearing on stage wearing a sock on their penis‘s. They also went through a time when they were soaked in drugs and boose. Kiedis and Flea managed to always keep together, other band members have left the group. 13 guys have come and gone throughout the years. The drummer Chad Smith didn’t start with the band but has been there since 1989.
All grown up now, Smith is 50, Flea and Kiedis are both 49 years old and all three are now parents with young children. The kid in the band is its newest member lead guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. He is just 32 years old and was barely walking when the Chili Peppers first performed.
The 1991 album Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic was their introduction to the world and their distinctive sound. It sold more than 15 Million copies and included the Under The Bridge song. During the late 90’s and early 2000’s the band dominated the charts and airwaves with albums including Californication, By The Way and the 2 CD Stadium Arcadium which won 5 Grammy awards.
To promote the album they went on a 2 year tour around the world. Then exhausted they decided to take a 2 year break. Drummer Chad Smith made a children’s album with Dick Van Dyke rapping at 84 years old. Flea spent his time teaching music at The Silver Lake Conservatory of Music he founded in Los Angeles. It provided music lessons to 700 students a week that probably are to poor to pay for music lessons. Flea became a student studying classical music at the University of Southern California.
The 2 year break changed things in that guitarist John Forchante who helped write some of the Pepper’s biggest hits decided to leave the band. So, Josh was invited to the band and recorded the latest album I’m With You that shot to the top of the charts when it was released this summer. In September they were nominated to be in the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame. Not bad for a bunch of old rockers.

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