Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Michael Buble¢ has the number one album in the country today simply called Christmas. Not bad for a Frank Sinatra want-a-be. All he ever did was sing along to Frank’s greatest hits and now Michael has become a star in his own right. This guy is still singing songs written almost a half century ago. With updated orchestrations and some new songs, Michael is filling up arenas selling old songs again. The songs he records belong to greats like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Dean Martin. All great Italian-American crooners. Michael’s concerts include screaming teenagers that came to the concert with their grand-parents. You won’t see that demographic at any other concert.
He started out as a teenager singing in shopping malls. Now he can sell out Madison Square Garden. He has a Christmas album out for just 6 weeks, has already sold over 4 Million copies world wide. He wears a suit and tie to greet his screaming fans. Fans screaming to a big band sound?
He tries to give new life to old songs and has sold over 35 Million albums trying . Part of his success is that he has begun to integrate his own style into Frank’s songs. He has also lately not confined himself to the jazz standards. He takes his favorite songs from any decade and makes them his own. He has also had success with some of his original songs. Like “Hollywood” a story about celebrity culture. Few artists have the versatility that is Michael Buble¢ ’s trademark.
He admits that he is a imitator who stole and mimicked from great artists. The music industry doesn’t fully recognize him as an artist. He has performed 150 shows on his latest tour. He now feels more comfortable on stage than in a small room with friends.
Living off the coast of Vancouver, he spent much of his time growing up on the water. Being the son of a fisherman for three months every summer he spent 20 hour days catching and sorting salmon. Often dreaming of making it someday as a singer he would listen to songs and sing along with the songs all day long. So, Frank Sinatra was in a way his vocal coach.
The passion for swing music came from his grandfather a plumber, who introduced Michael to the greats and they spent years together listening to the old songs. Then he persuaded clubs to let Michael sing by offering free plumbing. “Haven’t Met You Yet” is his big hit that was inspired by his wife and is his favorite. She is from Argentina and is a model superstar and actress there.
Being at this trade of singing for 20 years, things are doing well for him lately. He would sing at weddings and his break came when he sang for a wedding and the Warner Brothers producer David Foster was a guest and offered him a signing of a contract. The contract changed his life.
Today he has earned the music industries highest honors including 3 Grammy’s. His first 4 albums all went Platinum. The ballad “Home” was his first original hit. For a guy that everyone criticized he at the age of 35 did ok for himself. He has hit songs, a great career and is married to a beautiful girl. He’s gone a long way from catching and sorting dead fish!

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