Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dan Aykroyd sells vodka now. He is known for making toast out of ghosts in his classic movie “Ghostbusters’ but now he is making toasts with glasses. He was just 23 years old and the youngest of the original famous Saturday Night Live crew and soon became famous. Now more than 40 years later he is becoming famous for his Crystal Head Vodka found in your local liquor store.
Tis the season to stock your house bar with the essentials because the once a year relatives are visiting again. Yes, it is the holidays and what can you possibly talk to these people about while you are thinking, “Gosh they look much older this year!” So, to be polite talk about the Vodka you just bought in the unique skull shaped bottle.
The bottle will catch anyone’s eyes off of looking at how old you look now too. It is an actual rendering of a human skull. You can dominate the conversation by offering the information that the funny man is now in a serious business of selling Vodka. His brand as he says, “The Vodka is an award winning fluid. It is Vanilla, sweet, dry , crisp with a kick .” In fact Dan Aykroyd’s Vodka was awarded a double Gold Medal in the San Francisco World’s Spirits Competition this year.
The legend of the bottle according to Aykroyd is grounded in his family’s fascination with the para-normal. His great-grandfather was a spiritualist and his father a Canadian Government Official who wrote an entire book called , “A History of Ghosts” His entire family was into séances up through the 1950’s. They had a family medium called Walter and The American Society for Psychical Research Journals were all over his house while growing up.
That fascination gave birth to his movie Ghost Busters. It is one of the top grossing comedies of all time. Thus he combined his knowledge of spooky stuff with his talent for comedy. He made sure he used real terms, real vernacular, used the real theories of para-normal research. His knowledge made the movie more believable. My friend Sharon who is a great writer uses her knowledge of unique locations that make you feel immersed in the situation.
Another of Dan’s passions is blues music. He managed to keep the spirit of his late great friend still alive through his successful chain of Blues Brothers Restaurants. Who can forget the classic Blues brother’s Movie. John Belushi was Dan’s best friend and co-star who died of a drug overdose in 1982 just 2 years after the movie’s release.
Yes, it has been 30 years and Dan feels that if he lived, John would have been pleased with the success of all that. Had John lived , he would have been immersed in the Blues business. John’s legacy is a warning to stay away from powders and pills. Instead, drink legal Vodka at your party, talk about the bottle and reminisce on Dan Aykroyd’s career. What else are you going to talk about until they leave!
Ok, they asked for another drink and they won’t leave. So, talk about Dan’s wife. She is Donna Dixon to whom he has been married to for 30 years which is remarkably stable by hollywood standards. She was the hot blond actress he met while filming the comedy Dr Detroit. They have three beautiful daughters. It is a wonderful life for him and no way less busy; he is currently working on the movie Ghost Busters III.

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