Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Racism is alive and well in America. Yes, we chose a black looking man to be our President who is really melato having a white mother. At a first glance it appears that this country accepts blacks. We even erected a fine memorial made in china to Dr. Martin Luther King but this country is still racist. Just look at the numbers and the red neck Republican party candidates. Racism would not exist if we were able to eliminate the words for people as white, black, Hispanic etc’ etc. just “people” for everyone would be the only correct term for humans.
Yes, a black man has entered the oval office and black men have entered several of the Kardashians as the comic Bill Mahr reminds us. Rick Perry has his Niggerland Hunting Ranch and celebrities like to adopt a black child as if it was a new exotic pet in their coach bag. But as long as even this conversation is racist it is important to look at the numbers.
Blacks who kill whites are 16 times more likely to be executed than whites who kill blacks.

Black unemployment is 17% .

White unemployment is 8% .

The wealth of white households is 20 times that of black households.

39% of black children live in poverty the rest live with Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Spielberg or Sandra Bullock .  Not Wanda Sykes; that black woman has white kids.

These statistics are startling and no one seems to care. Denying that racism does not exsist is racist. To not acknowledge those ststistics is racist and none of the Republican candidates are addressing these issues. If Obama dares to mention the “black” problem then maybe all those black people who went to Washington in support of his “change” election campaign would feel like they were getting some support back.
We all have preferences and there will always be a group that think that theirs is better. That is ok but we cant just sit by and let others suffer just because they are not on our preferred list. It is not a Black problem, it is an American problem. Neither party is addressing it and are simply afraid to mention it.

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