Monday, October 3, 2011

Batwoman is a lesbian and Superman won’t wear red speedos anymore. Yes, look now on your I Pad they are all there. Superman, Batman, Robin, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Batgirl, Green Hornet all rebooted. All the superheroes are getting makeovers at their creator’s shop at DC Comics. The comic company is re-launching 52 titles. It is updating comic series from issue one.
I remember each week going to the corner candy/newspaper store to go to the side shelf and bye the newest comic book that kept me happy for an entire week until the next issue was released the following Saturday and I repeated my joyful routine. Now all the small stores are gone and if you are lucky you can even buy a newspaper forget about finding a real comic book.
Yes, newspapers are found now on your I Pad along with everything else like now Comic Books. Along with the new devices to read comic books you have new comic book settings. No longer the old cars and 1940 fashions where women wore sleek suits and high practical heels and men wore suits always with a hat. Now, well, everything is different along with no real pages to turn.
DC Comics says its goal is to keep its comic books alive, relevant and available. Artist Jim Lee will be creating new outfits, he has decided to get rid of Superman’s red speedo. And, Superman will look a bit younger. I wish I could have that superpower of reverse ageing. There are even character changes. Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent is going to be sadder, and more alone with little social life.
I guess updating means we have to include the gays and lesbians too since they are now out of their closets and getting married having adopted children. So, Batwoman is now a lesbian. The big question is, Will she be a hot lesbian the type of girl you see kissing another girl beautiful on beautiful as in hetro porn or will she be the Ellen or Kati Lang butch no makeup?  The don’t ask don’t tell policy has been lifted for the military as well as now comics too.
Another innovation of the 21st Century gives us the availability of having the comics go on line the same day the printed versions are available. It is promoted as DC comics the new 52! Referring to the 52 different books and superheroes the publication owns for decades. They have made the move in a single leap from the candy store to the I Pad or hand held device in a single bound.
So things have gotten better. Now on a Saturday I can stay in my pajamas and revisit my favorite superhero in an instant by the wave of my hand over the I Pod.

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