Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Amanda Knox is home and free from the longest Italian lesson. Yes, she is someone’s daughter who thought it would be great to learn Italian in Italy. We have all learned from her 4 years in prison and almost 26 year sentence in an Italian prison that it is easier to go to the local pizza place and pay someone to talk to her in Italian all day.
It has been all over the media that we almost feel that this young attractive 24 year old could be our own daughter or friend of the family. Finally, after a heartwarming appeal made to the court directly by her in Italian she has been freed to return to the United States. 90 minutes after her ruling she was packed and ready to go. She booked the first flight out of Italy and flew to England. Was on a plane within 2 hours of Italian freedom and now is hiding in her room not wanting to travel for a long time. Can’t blame her.
The problem with all this is that nothing was accomplished in solving the brutal stabbing and murder of her roommate. Well. If she didn’t do it, who did. Someone murdered someone’s child who was also abroad studying. That is the real tragedy. There is going to be a movie made to be broadcast on the ironically Lifetime Channel on the Amanda Knox case starring Marcia Gay Harden as Amanda’s mother but where is the movie made about the poor girl who was murdered?
Amanda is a very lucky girl in that several Italian inmates testified that she was innocent. Amanda has always pleaded that she was innocent of any crime but if you really want the truth? Ask other inmates. In prison. people there are honest with each other. There a convicted child killer testified that this girl “don’t have the stuff in her to kill.” Does that mean Amanda isn’t tough enough? Well, I hope so. She was a kid going to Italy to learn a language with no prior criminal record in any country. She was learning to speak, not kill!!!!
The wacky prosecutors there in Italy couldn’t even prove that Amanda was in the room when the murder occurred. What helped to convict her originally was a animated video like a cartoon movie showing Amanda stabbing the victim repeatedly. Since then during her appeal trial, the prosecutors have revealed that there is no DNA evidence linking Amanda to the murder. If there was a fight or real physical activity going on in a small dorm like room, it is very hard not to leave behind some DNA evidence like hair, skin flakes, saliva or blood. Nothing was found.
The nonsense in the Italian court elevated into 5 different scenarios as to how the poor girl was murdered. This kind of thinking was worse than the first drafts to a soap opera. First they said that the girl was killed as a result of a drug fueled orgy, then a bungled break-in, a satanic ritual, then a revenge killing and lastly maybe Amanda was out in the hall orchestrating this whole thing. The prosecutor should be in jail for putting on such a circus for all the world to see.
All this proves is that one should never give up if they feel they are innocent of a crime. Many times as in this case new evidence can be brought in and can turn the case around and you can literally within hours walk out of the country that held you under suspicion in jail for years before a trial and during a trial to a lifetime sentence to freedom within hours.
Ultimately, Meredith Kurcher was found semi naked on the floor. Her throat was slit open and she was also sexually assaulted. The bloody handprint of Ruddy Gordei was found on a pillow under the victims back. You would think that a guy would sexually assault someone and have the power to slit someone’s throat and make her semi naked. Girls from the mid west learning Italian probably wouldn’t do such a heinous crime.
The prayers have to go out to the victim’s parents who wanted to provide their daughter with the best experiences in life. Instead, their little girl is tortured and killed, put into a international media circus and no one will be convicted for her brutal murder.
As for the Knox family, the parents had a good marriage when they sent their little girl to Italy to have fun and learn the language in the most ultimate way to learn. Four years later, thankfully they get their child back harmed from the scars of prison life, the uncertainty of a free future in any society, the scars of knowing that her roommate was killed and killed in such a horrific way and her family is torn apart.
The parents are now divorced and hundreds of thousands dollars in debt for the costs of lawyers, flights to Europe and back, hotels and all the drama involved in a nightmare that happened to this family. Is it a happy ending? I’m not so sure. At least she is home. The jaded lesson here is: Learn Italian at home alone watching Italian TV shows with English subtitles. Hopefully, you’ll be safe.

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