Thursday, August 4, 2011

Who do young people have to look up to as a success story or icon? A family of successful young people. Sadly it is the Kardashian girls that are extremely successful for doing nothing! This success story is part of the reason kids do not know anything about politics, history, math or science. What they do know is everything about this family that is known for doing nothing significant to society. Their TV show “ Keeping Up With the Kardashians” is a reality show that shows them not really doing anything worth remembering.
“Khloe Kardashian Odem is one of the sisters that spend their time telling America how large their diamond rings are. Kim has a 20.5 carat rock of diamond she is wearing. Khloe‘s ring is only 10 carats. Yes young women of America, learn your lessons well. Do not have your identity, marry a sports star that gets paid way too much money and get a large diamond out of him!
Stories like this junk is what lets this show be the highest-rated show on the E network. The Entertainment Network should have talented artists who can sing , dance play instruments well or even air some of the finest musicals this country has produced. No, we get The Kardashians. The content of this show relies solely on weight gain issues, shopping, fighting with each other and partying. With these earth shattering topics, the show averages nearly 5 Million viewers per episode.
They managed to capitalize on their fame with even more fortune from perfume and other products with their name associated with products. The Kardashian family reportedly made $65 Million dollars in 2010. For what exactly we are not sure of. The most recent highly publicized drama is the engagement of Kim Kardashian to Kris Humphries with the proposal accompanied with a 20.5 Carat ring. This show is so not real in these tough economic times.
At least they all report that they have a pre-nuptial agreement with their basketball players. Every daddy’s little girl needs one. They own so many businesses they have to protect themselves. After all, marriage is not forever these days. At least Kim is reportedly changing her last name to Humphries after her summer wedding. Kim is worth 35 Million dollars where as he is only worth 8 Million dollars. These are all numbers the average American can identify with. Lets watch more!
Kim is 5 feet 2 inches, he is 6 feet 9 inches tall. Yes, they are compatible in every way. The next most important topic for all America to know is the decision to change her name after they have gotten so much money through the branding of the Kardashian name. To add to that most important drama, the Mom wants to change her name from Jenner back to Kardashian.

The Mom is now married to the great American athlete Bruce Jenner and wants to now not be associated with his name anymore. The Kardashian name is known for the lawyer, their dad for participating in the famous trial that got OJ Simpson free of murder charges in the death of his wife and another man. Season 6 of the show deals heavily on names! Just the discussion of name changes are making them more profitable. Why am I sending my kids to college when they can just marry a basketball player?
There are many networks with even more reality shows. Paris Hilton feels she has to have one too. Another privileged girl that the average girl has nothing in common with but somehow is a role model for doing nothing significant to society. As long as Paris is not on TV the same time their show is on, who cares. America needs to know nothing all times of the day.
Recently Reese Witherspoon received a lifetime achievement award at the ripe old age of 35 years old where she made reference to the shocking success of reality shows by saying,” I know that it is cool to be bad, but it is also possible to make it in hollywood without a reality show.” Kim and Paris have sex tapes out there. Apparently no one cares what Reese says. Bad girls on reality shows do make big money. Apparently the more over the top, more outlandish and more stupid they look on TV the more successful they will be on a reality show with higher ratings.
These shown ultimately do not have anything to do with the reality of most peoples lives. America is mostly not rich, not being engaged to basketball stars and our lives are not taped and edited! They are taking the dumbing down of America all the way to the bank. These shows have All day marathons of people getting drunk and into fights. After watching that all day, no wonder we have youth like Casey Anthony who parties for a month after her own daughter is dead.

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