Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sex and women have changed. They want complete control and most of the time, they pick up the guys at the bar. Men are as disposable as their favorite brand of tampons! It isn’t even a decision of circumstance. Hillary and Weiner’s wife did not throw their husbands out despite their highly openly sexual encounters. Just read Weiner’s sexual conversation in my blog of July 25th. However, Arnold is out along with Tiger. Sheen deserves a whole different category of species.
We have to go as far back as the Sexual Revolution of the 60’s and 70’s. Before then, wives stayed at home with aprons on in the kitchens baking great home cooked meals waiting eagerly to have sex with their husbands. Now they are exhausted from working their own full time jobs while we eat TV dinners, too tired for sex.
The revolution freed women from the traditional roles of sex. Now they want their orgasm first. Now they are allowed to speak up about what and who they want. Orgies was a common word. An era of free love for everyone existed for a while there. Many people now are up to their third marriage and no one cares. There has been a backlash though, women are not as liberated now as they were in the 70’s.
Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases changed the sexual free for all. There are so many sexual diseases now. There is much more access to sex through the internet and texting and instant photos being sent everywhere at the touch of a button. Men do not necessarily wait to get their jollies at home anymore. Paris Hilton, the Kardashians, Pam Anderson all have their sex tapes and who cares. No scandal. To be famous these days, you have to have a sex tape out there.
No one wants to be like their parents were so, if a kid in their 20’s found out that any of their parents were part of free sex, abortions, birth control, drugs or even rock music, they are probably a religious conservative pumping out double digits of kids all from one partner and thanking God every minute. Or, they are simply devoting themselves to making as much money as possible and never fostering any relationships.
We live in an era now where you can buy a vibrator at your local drug store over the counter. No longer mail order delivered in plain brown paper. Yes it is more freedom but women have a feeling of empowerment. They are clearly in control. However, when you look at the rich and powerful men, men like Arnold, the French Sarkozy and the Italian Berlusconi, these men feel that they are entitled, they get what they want, how they want it and the bar keeps getting raised and they get away with their aggressiveness.  These men don’t even have to get in the car. They do it with the maid, the hotel attendant and anyone else accessible.

You feel sorry for the women like Hillary, Maria and Jackie O who have developed a level of tolerance towards the men they kept. Men cheated on their women years ago all the time. The difference is that the press protected them and almost helped the famous hide their sexual encounters. Dirty Not anymore. Women are in control and they are exposing all those cheating bastards.

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