Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Naughty Newt ! How dare this highly opinionated bloated multi wife cheating blob dare try to be an example to and the leader of the American people? He was the former speaker of the House who recently announced that he will be running for President in the next election. He claims to be a conservative republican but has a track record with women that makes most cheating politicians look like boy scouts.
Newt has a lot of marital baggage that follows him everywhere. If he can’t be realistic about his love life how can he be honest about running the country? He is now married to the woman with whom he had an affair in the 1990’s. We must remember that this hypocrite led the impeachment process vs. President Clinton after the Monica Lewinsky scandal. He thought Clinton was immoral while he was cheating on his own wife?
He didn’t just have an affair. He cheated on his first wife when she had cancer. He left her and told her he wanted a divorce while she was in the hospital right after one of her surgeries on Mother’s Day. What a guy! He doles out triple threats on the same day! Even after all these years later, he blames his callousness on “his patriotism .”
Is it that he loves America more than his wife? We have other wacky candidates like Mitch Daniels and his wife that divorced and remarried years later. He even got custody of the kids. In this case the wife left the husband. She moved to California to live with a surgeon and start a new life. This however makes Mitch Daniels an interesting person. Makes you think of Mark Sanford, another politician with marital problems.
Newt’s latest wife is with him everywhere and most of his staff quit because of her. Santorum, Polente and Rhomney all have only one wife and no major scandals. Does that make them boring? Since the Kennedy days more and more scandals have erupted and we have been forgiving over and over again. These hypocrites tote speeches about honesty and their vow to the country when they can’t even live up to their marriage vows with someone who was loving and dear to them.
Obama is a man alone on a hill. He is young with a young wife and young children and the country really believes that they love each other. Every time they descend off Air Force 1 after a trip somewhere, they are so happy. Are they members of the mile high club? America likes that our President loves his wife. They are a first family that you could be proud of and we are. The kids a re nice and beautiful and Obama’s wife is intelligent who can hold a conversation on her own, not just be a towel on his arm.

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