Wednesday, July 20, 2011

America now. Half of all Americans can not come up with $2,000 in 30 days without selling some of their personal possessions. There are tag sales everywhere. Most lawns aren’t green, they are a sea of tables and used junk with a ridiculously low price tag on the stuff greatly appreciated to get any cash for your once priceless possessions.
What is the answer? America needs to get a job. Jobs pay you cash each week. To get a job you need to network. Your skills mean nothing. Taking a test that puts you in line for a job is left mostly only to cops and firemen. Even a postal worker will get a job if you know someone in a post office who knows someone who might retire from the endless piles of junk mail that must be delivered each day and on time.
Nepotism is not only alive and well but essential to getting a job. If daddy is in charge, you hit the jackpot. You are next in line for CEO because the big shot was your lucky sperm doner in your life. The rest of you poor slobs have to make friends in high places and with the first handshake, you also need a good business card. A resume will probably never touch the big shot’s desk.
At meetings and conferences the words you hear most often is, “Take my card.” So, these days , you can’t afford to take your business card for granted. It is a old tool that is being reinvented. More than any nation on earth, business cards are big business. After a customary bow to each other, the cards are exchanged before a word is spoken in most cases.
The proper protocol when receiving a card is to take it by the corners to not disrespect the other person’s company or name by covering it with your thumbs. Business cards have been around for several hundred years. With advances in printing, they have gone high teck. There are many choices now. The business card now has to be designed to explain you as quickly as possible. Yes, most people will only give you one serious moment to consider you at first glance.
A really good card costs $8.00 each and usually is made of plastic with a pull out tab. The old white card that simply lists your letterhead is a laughable relic. It is now considered one of the worst options now. Joel Bauer is considered a marketing expert who posted a famous rant on You Tube called “Your business card is CRAP!” His position is clear. Get a good business card or forget about any contacts in any industry.
Don’t get brown, it looks like crap. There are cards you can stick to one’s forehead or clothing like a post it. You need to pick a good one that represents you and will differentiate you from any other person. So, while you are baking in the hot sun, sitting on your lawn, surrounded by your once prized possessions with a $5 tag on it, think about getting a new business card. But remember, each new good card will cost you about $8.

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