Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who is the most respected and revered person you could possibly think of in America loved by ordinary people and most of any famous wealthy entertainer or sports figures? It is official. A colored girl from the backwoods of Mississippi. Oprah! More people tuned in and took a break from their very successful lives to tribute her impact in America more than any single person EVER.
Why? Because we all grew up with her. Because there never was a red neck break out brawl on her talk show. Because she encouraged us to read with her book club. Because she always had some healthy or help guru on. Because, Because, Because! Her show was her family and she let us visit her once a day. Our own family doesn’t do that.
Some people you might have known in the media was there at the United Center in Chicago where most of us would have only seen the 6 foot 6 inch guard hall of famer from the Chicago Bulls basketball games who was a 6 time NBA champion. A group of multi millionaires were there who were very successful at their craft. We probably will never see this group in one place again in our lifetimes. Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Jackie Evancho, Josh Groban, Patti LaBelle, Madonna, Dakota Fanning, Beyonce, John Legend, Diane Sawyer, Halle Berry, Queen Latifah, Katie Holmes, Rascal Flatts, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, Michael Jordan, Jamie Foxx, Stevie Wonder, Jerry Seinfeld, Simon Cowell, Rosie O’Donnell, Dr. Phil McGraw, Nate Berkus, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Gayle King, Maria Shriver, Tyler Perry, Kristen Chenoweth, Dr. Maya Angelou, Alicia Keys, Stedman Graham, Aretha Franklin and Usher all were there in person.
She helped people. Period. She helped people get through the pain of having to outlive their young children dying through discussion. She encouraged young black men in particular to step up to the plate and be home for their children. She helped 415 men at Morehouse College in Atlanta get advanced degrees through scholarships in her name. They in turn, pledged $300,000 of their own money to educate future graduates. She helped survivors of car accidents who lost family members to live on and not be sad to being the survivor. She emphasized the power of forgiveness to be given to the drunk driver who killed someone they loved.
She helped people. In 150 countries around the world, her past shows are being viewed giving women courage to stand no longer oppressed but to be making their own decisions. She was the first celebrity to go to Africa and try to make it a better place for the children. She focused on child obesity. She helped teens deal with the loss of their Mothers. She told abused young girls that it wasn’t their fault. She dealt with self-esteem issues in teen kids.
She inspired families to adopt children. Ordinary people were inspired to go to Africa and provide the equipment for fresh drinking water. More than 12million dollars were donated to an organization called Women For Women International that helped women in foreign countries be educated. Viewers went to Bosnia and other countries to help people grow their own food that feed the entire village.
Teachers have used her shows in classrooms to help students get through life lessons like showing the beautiful girl that had her face destroyed and hands burned off in a fire from a drunk teen behind the wheel of a car crash. Or the show about race issues and forgiveness of former hate. 64,688 people have benefited directly through her involvement in their lives.
Her book club sold 30 million books. Target in her name restocked empty libraries in New Orleans after the flood. Target also rebuilt 25 school libraries around the country that suffered from tornadoes. In her name 25,000 oak trees will be planted in front of libraries through out the country. They said that although she did not have any children of her own, she has mothered millions. 34 celebrities came to give her tribute to her career of 25 years of accomplishments and good deeds. Thank you Oprah!

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