Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What happened to late night TV? Last time I paid any attention to the joke-interview guys there was a war over the midnight slot between Jay Leno and Conan O’Brian. Fast forward to present day, Leno is back in his time slot that he has been in for many years and Conan is somewhere on the cable channels. Recently Conan has been seen doing midnight stand-up shows in clubs. Why did he complain so much about midnight at NBC?
When did a Saturday Night Live geek sneak in a comfortable job at late night talk? Jimmy Fallon is having way too much fun doing his show . No wars now! His show is broadcast from studio 6B in Rockefeller Center. It was the former home to Milton Byrle and Jack Parr. Even the king of late night Johnny Carson did the first ten years of his show.
Fallon grew up in upstate N.Y. and always saw the original cast of Saturday Night Live and wished he were there. His imitation of the skits convinced his Mom to let him enter a comedy contest at a local club at age 17. He won the contest and the prize was $700. After earning $700 in 2 minutes , he decided to pursue comedy as a career. Then he landed an audition with Lauren Michaels the creator of Saturday Night Live. At age 23 he joined the SNL Cast.
After 6 seasons at SNL, he decided to make movies. While shooting “Fever Pitch” he met his producer. Nancy Juvonen is much older than him and had a full book of contacts in the industry. So, he married her. A good thing since his film career was full of not so good reviews from critics. Two years ago he walked into his own late night talk show. Great Wife!
He was pretty bad at his first few shows but since then has revamped his schedule to include a rehersal with an audience each night, One of his now successful skits is “thank you notes’ which has already turned into a best selling book. Not shy or awkard anymore he is always ready anywhere to whip his guitar out and sing and play a parody of something. Now he is singing all the way to the bank.-9

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