Saturday, June 11, 2011

Are all these men behaving badly or is it the ambitious or creative man who loves to dabble in many women at the same time. There is a cheating husband for practically every letter of the alphabet that is a well known accomplished man at his work. Pablo Picasso found inspiration for his work practically everywhere he could, or should I say with every woman he could.
Lets call the women in his life significant others. The painter had two wives and many mistresses. Marie Therese Voltaire may have been his ultimate model and muse. He adored her for nearly three decades and inspired some of his greatest work. Two of Picasso’s portraits of her have sold or have been valued at more than 100 million dollars EACH.
He was obsessed with her and had her always in his mind. There is a expedition in a Manhattan gallery called L’Amour Fou Picasso and Marie-Therese that features all his work that was inspired by her. How did they meet? He picked her up. Outside a Paris department store in 1927, she was 17 he was 45. His pick up line was that she had an interesting face. She did not know who he was. He was very seductive and a week later, she was his mistress. The media would go nuts over this today. Where is TMZ?
What did she see in him? She said a kind, wealthy, caring seductive individual. Yes, older painters are the ones to teach a young girl about the art of love and detail. The granddaughter of Marie Therese in the exhibition is the curator of the art show. Diana Whitmeyer Picasso is the granddaughter. Yes, Picasso fathered a child with his 17 year old mistress.
In his early work, her face did not appear in his paintings but you would see a M and a T in the painting that would represent her. Later on, her image was everywhere in his paintings. It was his way of keeping her in his life despite an extremely jealous wife. His first wife Olga was a Russian Ballerina. Picasso once said. “When I love a woman, that tears everyone apart.” He was proud of his infidelity.
Picasso and Marie Therese never married. They had a daughter Meya. Two months after her birth, Picasso met Dora Mahr who would become his next mistress. What happened to Marie Therese? She eventually faded out of his life. However, he remained the love of her life. At Picasso’s death in 1973, an abstract sculpture of Marie Therese was placed at his grave.
He requested this because he regarded her as his real wife and depicted her image in any woman picture he drew. 50 years after their meeting, Marie Therese committed suicide. For the muse, there was no living without the artist. Men got it made!

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