Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What are you doing this summer? I’m ……..going to the movies! Last summer the number 1 movie and Academy Award winner of a few trophies was Toy Story 3. We have a few sequels looking to cash in again this summer as well. This year there are many comics and many comics. Yes, no typo mistake this time funny people and comic book heroes.
The studios are looking for a big summer with the group of movies being released this year. The Pirates of the Caribbean are back with its newest edition on Stranger Tides with a change in the cast that includes Penelope Cruz; and in it’s first week made 250 million more than ever before. The first three films took in more than 2 and a half Billion dollars worldwide. Talk about pirates hitting Gold, this is unbelievable!

Another sequel, Transformers are back too. This one is called Dark of the Moon. Also the third film based on the children’s toys. How can anything that makes an ordinary car transform into a giant fighting machine in a real life setting, no cartoon here, NOT be intriguing and be successful? Gotta see it.
Then there is the sequel to the popular Hangover Movie where in typical popular actions, everyone blames their bad behavior on the alcohol. This is simply called Hangover 2.
The first one was the highest grossing rated R comedy EVER. Of course they would quickly open up the liquor and film as quickly as possible more awful antics done without their knowledge because they were too drunk.
A new twist on the alien movies is blending science fiction with westerns. It is called Cowboys and Aliens starring Harrison Ford. You pretty much know what you are getting. Let me guess six shooter guns vs. unbelievable large bombs and bright lights. Something along the David and Goliath old story of cleverness over taking the large and powerful. We’ll see if it is any good. At least it is not a sequel yet.
Super 8 from director J.J.Abrams is new about pre-teen kids making a movie, causing a train wreck and getting involved with aliens all in one film. I might sleep through this one. Who knows, I might wait to see what aliens emerge from the train boxcars to scare these kids.
Are we running out of stories that now we have to make movies from all the past comic book heroes? Yes, all the newsstands and places where you used to buy comic books closed down. Everything is electronically found on a app or virtual store. Your kids can’t read and can’t find a comic book. You are too busy to talk about all the super heroes you grew up with so, give the kids money and go see the movie. Done!
You got X-Men, Captain America, Batman, Superman. This summer we add to the list movies about Captain America called The First Avenger. Then there is Thor and Green Lantern which cost more than $240 million dollars to make. Thank goodness Ryan Reynolds got into shape and got the lead.
Back to sequels, there is Cars 2 from Pixar. Kung Fu Panda comes from Dreamworks in the new type of animation we have grown used to. I don’t know why they pick glamorous already established movie stars to be the voices for these characters when they really don’t have a distinctive voice or accent? We can’t see their good looks.
There will be penguins this summer in Jim Carey’s Mr. Poppers Penguins. He inherits and lives with six penguins and preys for the polar ice caps to live on. It is good that someone has dusted off Jim Carey to be successful and funny again. We should dust off the old episodes of In Living Color where he was so young and funny in every skit.
More weird melting of animals with humans is in the Return of The Planet of the Apes. Well, these apes don’t have the weird long Al Sharpton hair of the 1980’s. This is called Rise of The Planet of the Apes. This is more than 40 years since the Planet of the Apes movies began.
For adults looking for serious movies is Tree Of Life starring Sean Penn and Brad Pitt a success at the Cahn’s Film Festival. This story is about a father who is just a little too rough with his kids and has a strange way of parenting them.
Midnight In Paris with Owen Wilson is an attempt to reinvigorate his career after he tried to commit suicide. How did he get insurance for the lead role. He must have connections. Most productions would not touch any lead role with a risky past. How does he get away with that nose? They would have laughed any woman off the screen who needed such a nose job.. What’s worse, he is the romantic lead. It is the latest film from Woody Allen.
If you are looking for big stars, see Larry Crown staring Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks. She plays a school teacher he plays a late blooming student. I hope their star power carries this movie. Tom Hanks is a little old to be playing anyone’s love interest or student.
Finally, the last film of the Harry Potter series, the most successful group of films in movie history. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is the last of 8 films in the series that has already taken in more than 6 Billion dollars. Warner Brothers spent a fortune on special effects and tried to honor the books story to great accuracy.
So, my adventures, laughs, memories and lack of air-conditioning bill , lack of fear and molestation at airports and bank account spent on gallons of gas will be still in my possession and I will be cool, safer and wealthier in a movie theater this summer.

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