Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shania Twain can also go on the list of cheated on celebrities. Recently she dusted herself off after not performing in front of an audience for over five years to write her tell all book “From This Moment On”. She came from a history of problems, raising her brother and sister after losing her parents. The final break down of her happened when her husband of fourteen years asked for a divorce who was having an affair with Shania’s best friend.
She had no idea the affair was going on and stopped working. She is a Pop and Country music sensation. She became noticed in 1993 because she was a country singer who was hot. She has that girl next door beauty and did not look like the usual blonde country western star in her daisy dukes bouncing around the stage. Thirteen years later she still looks great. All the men country western stars look like dried up raisins or are bald and fat under their ten gallon hats, and she gets cheated on? That is a crime.
Her early album “The Woman in Me” sold twelve million copies. She still holds the record of the best female country artist of all time. Two years later she released her follow up album “Come on Over”. it became the best selling album by a female artist EVER. By then she was at the top receiving five Grammy’s. Then in 2002 at the height of her career she left it all. No more albums, no more appearances no more concerts. She led a quiet life in a Swiss Chateau with her young son. Yes, she became a housewife. Six years later she learned of the affair. Now in detail she writes about it in her book.
A reality show that she calls a documentary series is to follow on th OWN network called “Why Not”. it will detail how she lost her voice for a while from the stress that the two closest people in her life betrayed her. As a child there was violence in her home. On the show she revisit’s the small home that all six of her family members lived in. the norm was to not have enough food or heat in the house . She witnessed her step father beating her mother in the small house.
All this stuff is great for any country western song that rambles on about tragedies. In 1987 her parents were killed in a car crash when she was 22 years old. Her young brother survived. She remembers the violence on her mother when she was as when she was as young as four years old. Her memories are disturbingly graphic. In her book she describes the visual of her father dunking her mother’s face in the toilet and seeing toilet paper stuck to her face. The monster did not even flush first before he abused the woman in the toilet. Does America really need to know this stuff however horrible it is? The next day they all sit at the diner table like nothing happened. They all should have been taken away!
Shouldn’t we all be sick of the revelation stories that are so horrible that eventually get released to the public? We just want to see the beautiful girl sing and buy her albums. We just want to see the great golf player play and win tournaments. We just want to see the highest rated TV show with the highest paid actor. We just want to see the body builder Governor, etc, etc, etc.
Now everyone’s closet is open and everyone can see what is really behind those rich beautiful and handsome faces. What lies behind their wonderful exterior is deceit, pain, suffering and a life hopefully a lot worse than Joe Q. Public’s life is. Be thankful if your closet doesn’t hold the crap that is revealed in the news daily about the “talented, rich and famous”.

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