Thursday, April 28, 2011

What is the difference between male rock stars and female rock stars? Groupie Sex! There haven’t been enough female musical stars in popular music, but the few that made it to stardom had to overcome many stereotypes throughout their careers. Most promoters judged a girls talents by how much cleavage she showed or expected sexual favors. Were there male groupies outside the girls stage doors? Did guys throw their underwear on stage? No! No! and No!
Lets take the career of one of the oldest rock-pop divas that has been performing and recording since the seventies. How could Mr. Stevie Nicks feel when she is leaving home for another concert performance? Most successful women do not have children and if they do or did, you don’t ever see them performing pregnant. It is tough for the girls. They can’t even age. What if a woman looked like Keith Richards or Steven Tyler or any of the ultra wrinkled super thin rock stars that haven’t died yet?
Stevie was 16 years old when she wrote her first song. At age 17 she met a guitarist at school Lindsay Buckingham. Two years later they fell in love and began a love affair on and off screen. In 1977 they joined Fleetwood Mac. The group was very successful with their album titled Rumours. It won the Grammy for Album of the Year and made them known worldwide.
In 1981 Stevie left Fleetwood Mac and went solo with her album Bella Donna. The first of many hits solo. In 1997 she reunited with Fleetwood Mac and sold out large stadiums. She also like many of the rocker guys, suffered from drug addiction. Now she is sober for 17 years. Now at 62 years old, she still looks great and is still performing. She says, “Even if I am very drunk, I don’t go to bed with make-up on, I take care of my skin.” In her band there was another girl Christine for her to bond with.
After a performance the 3 guys would escort the girls to their hotel room and make sure they were safe and then they would hook-up with some groupies. Women stars never had some guys delivered to their door for sexual favors. For any guy in that era it was the norm. People did not worry about AIDS or Herpies or sexual diseases that much back then because everyone wasn’t dieing yet from their carelessness sexually.
Stevie never had to produce her own albums in order to be heard like Joan Jet had to do. Joan now has about 50 albums out that she produced. Most male dominated producers at that time did not think women rock singers would survive the test of time. Stevie has a new album that will be in stores May 3rd. It features songs with Rod Stewart that she sings with him while they are on tour now. It is called In Your Dreams.

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