Friday, April 8, 2011

The ranks of the unemployed are growing. No, another factory is not closing. GM, Ford and Chrysler are not laying people off. A growing number of talk show hosts and TV personalities are quitting their jobs. Meredith Vieira to leave the Today Show. Katie Couric leaving CBS. Regis leaving his show. Oprah off the air. Larry King already gone. Glen Beck winding down on FOX. Why are all these personalities leaving their shows?
Beck says that Paul Revere wasn’t going to ride the horse forever. Well we’ll get back to Mr. Beck later. The common factor behind all these celebrities leaving is the ECONOMY. Yes that’s right the economy. As their contracts expire these high powered people can no longer command the exorbitant salaries they once were getting. The viewers are no longer there. Oh they may be still watching the shows but they aren’t spending the money on the advertiser’s products. The return on the investment for these shows is not there.
At the end of 2010 Howard Stern had his listeners wondering if he would re-sign with the Sirius radio network. He often lamented that he didn’t want to get up early, he had a beautiful wife he wanted to spend more time with and on and on. In the end the economics of the situation turned out that the network had more to lose by not signing him they the money he would cost them. They got creative. Howard got an amount he felt was fair and in return the network got him to do some things that really benefited their business partners. This is good business on all sides and kept the “King of all Media” as he refers to himself on the air. If he isn’t as business smart as Donald Trump he surely has someone working for him that is.
Speaking of Trump here’s one TV personality that’s not going away. Not only is his show doing well but now he’s thinking about running for president, maybe. He can’t declare while his TV show is on the air. In an interview with Meredith Vieira among others he has openly criticized the President for not getting things done. When asked “What has President Obama done well” Trump responded “Get himself elected”. Trump’s main criticism is that the President has never had to put deals together. He really lacks the experience at getting the parties to find a middle ground and making the deal work. He has stated that he wishes that the President was the best President ever but he just isn’t.
Recently, Donny Deutsch went on the Piers Morgan show and criticized Trump for his position on China. Deutsch has taken the position that the President has it right, that we aren’t the playground bully anymore and we need to learn how to get along with the other players in the world. Today Deutsch went after Glen Beck. As stated before, Beck has announced that his show is going to wind down on the FOX network. His seemingly misplaced reference to Paul Revere not withstanding, Deutsch’s quotes “What a despicable putz” and “What a disgusting human being” seem totally out of place. While Beck seems to evoke strong emotions both pro and con these types of comments should not be coming from respected journalists. After comments like these how can anyone take Deutsch’s comment about the President or Trump at face value.
As the comments fly from both sides the Government prepares for a shut down. Parks, museums, national land marks and government buildings will shut down. Troops in the field will not get paid. Ordinary middle class workers without salaries for who knows how long. Congressman and Senators not getting paid, oh wait just a minute, they going to keep getting their money. These career politicians have forgotten the reason that they are here, to get the nations business done now. Get the Donald and the deal makers down there right away.

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