Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We love to grow up with our beautiful movie stars. We saw Elizabeth Taylor since she was a little girl and followed her crazy personal path throughout her life. She was no less scandalous than our new divas now. She went through 8 husbands and had very public affairs with men while they were married. She broke up the marriage with her best friend at that time Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. Although she married Richard Burton twice, she had an affair with him on the set of the movie Cleopatra while he was married. This was outrageous at that time in the 50’s.
Liz Taylor was the original businesswoman to have her own fragrance White Diamonds. She was also a crusader for causes like Aids and Michael Jackson when everyone was banning or shunning them. Her estate is in the billions and she made millions from her fragrance alone. No wonder anyone you can name now has their own line of clothing, perfume, furniture or anything. Cindy Crawford, Paris Hilton, Jacqueline Smith, Joan Rivers, Martha Stewart, Jane Seymour and The Kardashians they all attached their name to some product and make millions in royalty fees.
The child star that I love to follow in her life road to disasters is Lindsay Lohan who now only wants to be known as Lindsay because she hates her exploiting father. This is ok because there can only be one famous Lindsay. We grew up with her and loved her in those Love Bug movies of her childhood. She was the bright freckled face loveable child. Then she grew up and fell into the very popular way of Girls Gone Wild with partying with booze, drugs and lesbians. Hot. But not so good for her career and we miss her so much in the movies. She’s been busy lately trying to keep out of jail.
She’s been recently charged with felony grand theft for allegedly steeling a $2,500 necklace. She is already on probation for a 2007 Misdemeanor DUI charge. Her court appearances are publicity events where she always looks great. Most recently in a skin tight white dress. Lohan pleaded not guilty to the charge of felony grand theft. I believe that it was a misunderstanding. The jewelry store should be glad that a famous woman wants to wear their jewelry. Most reputable stores urge their customers to take items home on retainer and then pay for it. Besides, she did not hide the item, wore it publicly and wanted to return it immediately.
Lohan faces a maximum of three years on this charge although it is unlikely that she will be sentenced to such a long time in jail. I don’t want to see my hot movie star in jail. If convicted, it is unlikely to get 3 years for only a $2,500 theft. Although, Lohan has been accused of stealing in the past. In 2008, she has been accused of stealing a $12,000 mink coat from a night club, in 2009 a $400,000 necklace from a photo shoot, and in 2010 a $30,000 Rolex from a friend. Give her a break she’s always high and she likes good stuff. She needs a rich sugar daddy who would give her the stuff anyway. And besides, she has good taste in things and only does it once a year.
No one has ever charged her for the past thefts but it will not necessarily stop the prosecutor from bringing it up as un-charged misconduct in court in California. We can’t leave out our other famous beauties who have been publicly berated for their un-paid shopping sprees. Lest we forget Winona Ryder in 2001 who stole $5,000 from Sacks 5th Avenue, Brittney Spears who allegedly stole a wig and lighter, the tennis pro Jennifer Capriati stole a $15 ring. All beauties could afford any of these items. It has to all be misunderstandings. These girls feel a feeling of entitlement because they all are used to getting a lot of attention and stuff. It’s just stuff.
Ava Gabor on her death bed, and the late Liz Taylor and Jane Russell are diva icons, beauties that our young beautiful famous girls grew up with and learned from. Only Anna Nicole Smith knew enough to try to get money from a old rich guy. These girls do it on their own. What’s the big deal anyway, despite surveillance cameras and paparazzi they do it, they deserve anything they want. They’re famous. Or perhaps celebrities get crapped on more than others because they’re famous.

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