Friday, March 11, 2011

I am proud to report on another first. There are not too many firsts anymore in the world.  One thing for sure in the world of arts and entertainment, gender issues have never been a problem. The industry is based on talent and change in music, art and dance. One of the most sought after in the modeling field kept a secret for a long time. The first woman supermodel has revealed that she is a man.
Fashions new supermodel is Lea T. She has been told that she is a goddess. She has strutted the catwalk from New York to Paris. Known as Lea T, this stunning Brazilian beauty has been known for her exotic features and flawless figure. In just months, she has gone from backroom assistant to super model. The 28 year old star of Givenchy’s most talked about print ad campaign ever, is causing a stir from posing nude for the photographer Mario Sorrenti in Vogue to kissing Kate Moss on the cover of a magazine called Love.
This IT girl is making headlines for more than just her striking good looks. The nude photo that appeared in French Vogue magazine revealed her male genitals. Yes, she was born a boy. Her birth name is Leondro Cerezo. She grew up in Italy as the son of a world famous Brazilian Soccer Player. Her mother was a very religious Catholic. Throughout her young life, she always questioned her sexuality. Only three years ago, Leondro began living as a woman. In 2008 she began hormone replacement therapy and is now awaiting sexual reassignment surgery.
She has already made the world know her even before her decision to fully transition from male to female. Like most transvestites, the struggle exists with feeling you were born with the wrong body. Rarely do they arise to supermodel status. She is struggling with her decision to go forward with the penis removal decision because she will no longer be unique. The medical term used is gender identity disorder.
Lea T has already been chosen to be in her second fashion show for Givenchy. She will always retain the title of being the first transgender supermodel. The question that always is asked of her especially from men is, “How do you hide your penis?” She always remarks about really uncomfortable it is; and a reminder of how anxious she is to have it removed. In most of her really serious facial poses, she is really saying to herself OUCH.

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