Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to get a job. Start a website? It is the latest and newest most novel way to share your talents to all. A website that features your resume and that is used solely for job hunting might just be the way to get that dream job you’ve been thinking of. However, I would think twice if you already have a job and you announce you are job hunting. Most employers don’t like that idea.
There is a new business social networking site called LinkedIn where you can post your profile for a good presence on the web. Jeff Neil, a career counselor and owner of Be Your Best Coaching in Manhattan says, Linked In is “the primary source for employers looking for candidates online and a fabulous way for most job seekers to inform colleagues and potential employers that they’re job hunting.” The problem is that you are limited to their format.
A website can be ideal if you are in a creative job where you wish to show samples of your work; like advertising, where you would want to describe numerous projects you’ve worked on. It would at least save time in not having to physically hand samples of your work to a manager during a interview. Ms. Isaacs, who is the resume expert for says, “You still want short bits of information, where you get to the key points quickly, but you can create a multipage, online portfolio on the Web and include case studies, a page reference, and testimonials,” she says.
When posting your resume, be more cautious about privacy than you would if you were submitting it to an interviewer. More job hunters are omitting their street address and city these days, Some list a post office box for privacy and use a Google Voice phone number, in part to keep their actual phone number private. When you get a job, you can remove it but as soon as you are laid off again it can be ready to post immediately.
Whatever happened to the days when you bumped into someone on the street, picked up their glasses or something they dropped, they said, “ Thank you“, and “You look like a good guy or gal, come over to the office and with a hand shake, you were offered a job.” Yeah a job that you could learn things and do well based on your character and intuition. I guess that only happened in 1940’s black and white fictional movies.

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