Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some people are using global warming as an excuse for personal monetary gain.   The quest for power, money and control are gained by  some through any means.  The new “green” product industry is created by those seeking new ways to gain income.  Since 2006 to the present “Green” product spending has risen to a $325 billion industry while the carbon dioxide polluting factories and oil guzzling automobile industry drives on nonstop.  The environment is NOT necessarily being cleaned up; but the spending will rise significantly supposedly in the small effort to change our carbon footprint.

Dr. Richard Lindzen, an Atmospheric Physicist, at MIT believes that and a additional expense of 70 billion is being spent on global warming research so, with this gravy train in motion, scientists are afraid to disclose that this could be an eventual problem simply caused from greater heat from the sun. The agenda is to raise money, raise taxes, gain control of people’s lives while the consumer does not benefit directly from it. They will satisfy that agenda by telling us that we are saving the world. A lot of people are getting rich over lies. 

Where is Al Gore now?  We haven’t seen him everywhere lately because his new money making machine is in full force.  Yes, our former Vice-President whose family made his fortune from the tobacco industry, who later said he invented the internet, is now profiting big time from his global warming crusade.  He is a big part of the Hara Corporation that is “helping” other companies remove their carbon imprint from the world and avoid pollution taxes. Hara is funded by a venture capital company that includes Al Gore. 

Amit Chatterjee is the CEO, of Hara Software.  He expects to rake in billions because his product will help other companies control their pollution problems. There is a definite conflict of interest if Al Gore is associated with this company and is also promoting the eminent doom from global warming.  He is in essence a commercial for his product.  The CEO denies any direct relationship with Al Gore.  However, if the cap-and-trade goes through in the government, Al Gore will make billions.  The CEO had no comment on that.  Al Gore is lobbying to tax companies on pollution issues.  His involvement in Hara to solve the tax problem for companies will net him great profit.  America needs what Al Gore is boasting?  I’m not so sure.

If this is a war on the environmental problems, why should Al Gore profit from it?  Al Gore is making a lot of money from global warming.  He won an Oscar and the Nobel Peace Prize.  Does that give him the right to profit from the problem?  He is the front man for a international idea to profit from a problem that could easily be solved with a general concern from all to conserve, stop producing polluting products and recycling.

This profiting from disaster idea has been brewing for about 20 years from the efforts of one man.  Sir Maurice Strong.  A senior official of the United Nations.  Born in Canada, he has gained the reputation as the worlds leading environmentalist.  He was the United Nations Secretary General who launched the green movement.  Organizer of the U.N. Earth Summit in 1992, he set the stage for the Keota Treaty for greenhouse gas emissions. All good intentions and accomplishments.  Many say these efforts were only put into place so he too can profit from these international laws.  He said, “Under the polluters pay principle, those who do the damage, should pay for it.”  He happens to be a oil billionaire who was part of the oil-for-food scandal.  Yes, soon a global group of few that control own valuable resources and profit from its distribution and safe guarding .
Why should the world’s most influential environmentalist also be a billionaire industrialist?  This guy is making money from both sides. He is responsible for the global taxes. He can pollute, make money; he can clean up his own mess, make more money.  There is evidence that these were ulterior motives simply to make money. 

Now there is the World Wilderness Congress for Worldwide Conservation.  A worldwide forum to discuss the environment.  Financier Edmund Rothschild of the Rothschild banking dynasty, is the head of a World Conservation Bank.  They are best friends and profiting from this effort.  They create the environmental hysteria and profit from the efforts to calm the concerns.  Similar to the Euro-dollar, there is one fund of money for environmental disasters that a few profit from.  This is cooperation  not a healthy competitiveness to save our environment.

Countries have already thrown out their currency in Europe, their independence is controlled by one currency, the Euro-dollar.  More panic over the environmental problems mean more money.  More “accidents” by big international companies mean more money for the few big shots that play the game from both sides.  Since 2005, Maurice Strong has been living in China.  He is helping them sell carbon-credits.  In essence-permission to pollute.  Al Gore and Maurice Strong have been mouth-pieces for the environment but they are also out to profit from the control over the environment.  

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