Monday, February 21, 2011

Gullible George Clooney. He thinks he could make a difference for the people of the Sudan. Africa has been raped and pillaged for generations of all its valuable natural resources by other countries and by its own leaders for generations. He has been one of the most revered actors in Hollywood with his Carey Grant looks but he has also used his fame for political issues. He has been touched by the plight in the Sudan region of Africa and some believe that he is so driven that he would swap an Oscar for peace in the Sudan.
Presently they are in the middle of a referendum election. They need to get 60% of the people there to vote to get anything passed in the government. They just achieved this milestone and by July they expect that decisions can finally be made on issues like negotiating borders, negotiating oil revenues, making decisions over the Atbara Region one of several valuable flat point areas. The goal is to make the Sudan an independent nation. Yes, this is like going back to the 1700’s in America and he thinks these nomadic people can solve anything even in this century!
This is a milestone because 100 days ago, none of these voting issues would have never been thought to be possible. However, it might also trigger more bloodshed with people of the north under the control of President Bashir. Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, called this issue ”a ticking time bomb with enormous consequences.” President Obama at his most recent United Nations speech suggested that the diplomats should pay special attention to the new votes in the region because the last time the people voted for change, two and a half million people died there.
Why George Clooney? He is involved in a satellite project to record photography of the region known as the Satellite Sentinel Project. Why? He wants to be involved in procuring evidence of violence violating their comprehensive peace agreement. is the informational hub for the evidence they procure. Not exactly a Wikileaks type thing. The satellites will not be able to detect troops on horseback with machine guns traveling from the south to the north. Meanwhile, that is how most people are killed in that region. He thinks the technology can be used to inform. However, knowledge could also be use to inflame problems.
American actors seem to be drawn to politics after their successful careers like President Ronald Regan and Governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura; to name a few of the most successful actor/politicians. America spends over a billion dollars each year in the Sudan basically for triage, medical and food and basic needs for the destroyed people of that region. Osama Bin Laden was hiding in the north Sudan for 12 years. Clooney thinks setting up new governments will solve all these issues. Good Luck!
Hey George! How about charity begins at home. Hook up with your buddy Brad Pitt and build some homes in New Orleans we got plenty of problems here in America where you made your millions.

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