Friday, February 18, 2011

Fashion Designers are hungry to be noticed. The singer Lady Gaga was not the first to wear food as fashion. It is amazing what talented people can do with a bag of groceries. Painting artists have always used a bowl of fruit as a subject for a great painting. There was a photography series entitled “Hunger Pains” commissioned by photographer Ted Sabrese in 2009, and costume maker Ami Goodheart designed a skirt made of rump-roast slices cut into flower-petal shapes.
Of course the most recent and famous food fashion statement was made by Lady Gaga at the MTV Video Music Awards last fall wearing a dress and shoes made of raw steak. Why didn’t the animal activists get after her? They only care about fur? Ms. Goodheart also designed a pasta body suit, waffle pants and a cocktail dress, with matching handbag made from bread and chocolate. If this stuff becomes popular it could give new meaning to a dinner and a date!!
One hazard of posing for a food-clothing photo shoot, says model Bridget Ploof who wore the bread outfit: “I was getting hungry. The studio smelled like waffles and pasta and bacon.” Ok! That’s It!! Her name is Bridget and she’s beautiful and I can eat the cloths off of her!! Though her dress included fresh croissants, she resisted nibbling on even the scraps. After all she must maintain her stylish weight.
For a painting unveiled at a Los Angeles gallery this month, artist Will Cotton dressed a model in candy. He bought 20 pounds of rock candy and hired a fashion student to help him make it into an outfit. He has exhibited works featuring people wearing cakes as hats and painted a portrait of singer Katy Perry partially draped in cotton candy for her most recent album. What is it about Pop singers and food? They apparently do everything with it except eat it.
Apparently if a fashion designer decides to create something using food, their profile is raised in the fashion business. They should have taken cooking classes. Wesley Nault learned that artichokes turn brown quickly unless you soak the petals in lemon juice when he created a dress for the Hunger Pains photo shoot. Everyone must be daredevils to be noticed in their industries. Who thought it would extend to the fashion industry?
They can take about 70 hours to create a dress that can wilt in about an hour. Mia Gyzander a Los Angeles costume designer discovered different hurdles while creating a purple-and-green cabbage gown for Ms. Leachman, who wore it in an ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals causes. Someone should tell Lady Gaga about that group.

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