Sunday, February 13, 2011

Buy stuff now on Facebook too. Have you noticed that little blue capitalized F showing up everywhere? It is on magazine pages, on coupons, in newspapers and mentioned on TV commercials. We thought it was a place that mostly replaced and found everyone you ever met once you mentioned a place you’ve been to. Now, you can shop while you keep in touch. It’s almost like going mall shopping with a friend only now everyone and everything is on line.
Even high end stores like Armani has a blue F in their advertising. Why? Because Facebook has become THE most visited Web site and therefore the greatest marketing tool. J.C. Penny went a step further and launched a full e-commerce store within its Facebook page. It includes checkout and “add to cart” and shipping options. J.C. Penny spokeswoman Kate Coultas said,” We are able to take our Facebook experience to the next level providing convenient features that encourage social integration and user contribution as our customers shop.” Does that mean we can also ask our friend “What do you think? Do you like this color?” Yes.
Facebook won’t give numbers, but a spokeswoman says more than half of the 25 largest retail sites already are integrated with Facebook that are 17 of the 25 fastest-growing retail sites. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise. All our newest mobile phones have us talking while shopping. Even on this Blog page, you can easily look to your left and donate or look to your right and left and buy suggested items or click on Amazon and buy whatever you want that they sell. Now retailers want to be where consumers are vs. just being on the web.
It is a really new idea because it is the first time you can socialize while shopping and not have to be physically near your friends or family who you would normally shop with. If this really becomes popular, what does that do to mall shopping? What about the creepy guys that follow you to your car and rob, rape, kidnap or murder you after a day at the Mall? What about those rib and salad restaurants located in Malls? They will all miss people, screaming kids, bored husbands and shopping bags? What about the bags!!!! We will all get to know the UPS package delivery guy much better. Bring back the “King of Queens” TV show with Kevin James and his short shorts. Put a Facebook logo on the boxes he delivers too. Its all about shameless self promotion. Viva Shopping!

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