Sunday, January 16, 2011

Why does water cost so much? Growing up I remember the ice cold water that flowed from a water fountain everywhere. It was safe, refreshing and ample. Now everyone fears a water fountain if you can even find one as germ central. So, the industry has convinced us to have our own personal water bottle of which many are sold as recycled water whatever that is.
Call me crazy but I think the next big war is over the plot by some rich leaders to control the world by controlling our water supply. It is so valuable, it is known as blue gold, It is so precious, only 2% of the world’s supply is drinkable. Water will determine the wealth of nations. There are ruthless corporations that now steal your water and sell it back to you at unbelievable prices. Now I have to look for a sale to buy water.
T. Boone Pickens from Texas made his millions in oil, now he buys water. There are massive pumps in Michigan draining our beautiful Great Lakes for its saleable water. The lakes are composed of 6 quadrillion gallons of water and spread out over 94 thousand square miles. Lake Meade in Nevada is known as the largest reservoir in the United States and its water level is down by 50 feet. Right now 1.2 billion people in the world do not have access to drinking water. If this continues, only the wealthy will be able to afford water. The water is being drained faster than the waterways can replenish. In 1999 Lake Meade was full, now it is down to 40% of its capacity.
Lake Meade supplies about 30 million users in the southwest, Nevada, Arizona, California, even northern Mexico. If it runs dry a lot of people will be in serious trouble. Water levels are dropping all over the world. This is NOT a natural disaster. Multi-national corporations are the problem gobbling up the land and the rights to water controlling our lives. They are buying the rights to the water for monetary gain. This is not good old capitalism, no, this is greed; buying the rights to the water for their own personal gain and controlling need. They are making deals with poor countries to privatize the water system.
It is no longer about life. Privatization, when people are taken over by private corporations. The voting public should decide how their natural resources are distributed NOT private companies with no restrictions. Our Politicians are bought by lobbyists who now even can pay for their election campaigns. Both sides are making money and Joe public looses the good water and our money. For sure, whoever is in charge of the water will be in charge of everything. It is too life sustaining; more than oil control.
In China, the government uses dams regularly to control the villages water supply for political reasons. No protests there, you will go dry!! What could be worse that government controlling who lives and who dies. They are supposed to be working for the people!
Todd Alcott, a water activist noted that the Bush family bought 100,000 acres in Paraguay that sits atop the largest aquifer or water supply in the world. Another oil baron family who made millions drilling for oil, now water for their individual profit. They now control the source and delivery of water and how much they pay for it. T. Boone Pickens made billions buying oil companies in the 1980’s remember waiting on line to buy gas years ago? I guess oil and water do mix. He owns huge tracks of land in the northern panhandle area of Texas known as the Massa Vista Ranch which is 68 thousand acres over the largest aquifer in America; the Ogallala Aquifer. Under Texas law, any water he can reach, he gets for free. He already has all the drilling equipment he needs from oil. This water should be for everyone not owned and controlled by him.
He also went a significant step further by getting lobbyists to persuade Texas lawmakers to change the existing laws to give him immanent domain over the surrounding land. Now he can lay his pipelines anywhere and take over your land too. With full control and NO government regulations, they can add anything they want to your water. Too much fluoride added has rotted babies teeth, what else are they adding?
Robert Glennon, a Water Crisis Expert, is not a fan of bottled water because there is little or no regulation of the toxic chemicals in the plastic of the bottles and little or no checks on what is being poured into those bottles called water. NO GOVERNMENT AGENCY REGULATES WHAT YOU BUY IN A WATER BOTTLE; NOT EVEN THE FEDERAL DRUG ADMINISTRATION.
Water is currently being taken out of the Great Lakes and being shipped in bottles and giant balloons behind cargo ships to China where it is being stockpiled. We already owe China trillions of dollars, lets sell them our water too. A Swiss company Nestle is selling Perrier from Michigan’s water. Charging them less than $100 a year to drill, pipe and pump millions of gallons a year for private profit. The governor at the time John Engler of Michigan gave the company permission. The Stanwood bottling plant is drilling and pumping water from the lake through pipelines hundreds of miles away for about 10 years now. 90 millions of gallons from just one pump per year is devastating to the environment.
Michael Dean is the Director of the NAWC, The National Association of Water Companies who represents bottlers and private advertisers in Washington D.C. as a lobbyist also from Minnesota. He approves that bottled water can cost $4.00 a gallon but tap water is 1 cent a gallon. He simply refers this gap as a “public relations problem.” and refuses to get into the issue of water for profit.
Finally, Leuren Moret who is a Radiation Exposure Expert Specialist at the Lawrence Livermore National Nuclear Laboratory and who is known internationally as an expert on radiation and public health, claims she has found uranium in our drinking water along with lithium. She said, “ Lithium is used for people with bi polar disorder or manic depressant. It slows down and calms the brain. It makes the person docile. Since uranium is a estrogen hormone disruptor the female population is expanding and the male population is shrinking .” Yes, we are being neutered. She also said, “Not only that,
“The plastic that the water is in, the bottle has chemicals that change the estrogen and the testosterone, in other words chemicals in our bodies that are related to reproduction, in the plastic. And then you have the hormones, in the plastics in the bottles that are hormone disruptors interacting with the radiation and the other materials in the water. So you have one plus one is not two, it’s 10 times worse the way they interact. It’s killing our future generations. It’s the unborn baby that is being most effected by these chemicals and the radiation and nobody even knows.” Those water bottles that are making us sterile are made in China.
There is a global power shift going on. Ms. Moret also said, “ They have a new technique known a s Sprague bags. They are 500feet long. They are huge plastic bladders that fit together like flip flop bags and they can tow 50 at a time across the pacific ocean behind the boat. And they are taking our best water, pumping it into their aquifers . The power and influence is being increased in China.” Every time I buy a bottle of water I feel I am supporting this mess. Thank whatever God you believe in we can still breath air freely so far.

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