Thursday, January 13, 2011

The gap between the poor and wealthy is getting larger. From the big shots on wall street and the CEO’s with their lofty bonuses to the homeless Haitians, money just isn’t being distributed in a fair manner. A pure example of the haves and the have not’s is a new product distributed for home use by the makers of Mitsubishi. It is the largest television you can buy for home use unveiled at a whopping 7.5 feet. For some apartment dwellers it can take up an entire wall. So, start shopping for a larger apartment.
About the size of a NBA basketball player or longer than a Volkswagen you can purchase this $5,000 monster. There have always been available large televisions for say home theater rich people; but what makes this different is that it is the biggest mass produced, super-sized TV that you can purchase. At 92 inches diagonally and about 2 feet thick, the 135 pound TV is too large to mount on a wall and must be resting on a stand.
Where ever you are able to put this thing, the best part is the 16 speakers built into the sides that produce the same kind of surround-sound experience that you can hear at your local movie theater. It is also capable of showing 3D movies. Now that is scary. I have to find someplace where I can sit at least 10 feet away just to see this thing clearly and have some object thrown at me through the 3D effects.
Mitsubishi ironically unveiled this thing in where else? Yes, Las Vegas known for everything over the top at the International Consumer Electronics Show which is incidentally the largest trade show in the world. Lots of large going around today. Until recently, TV’s this size had to be custom made at about $100,000. So, with this mass-production and severely reduced price we can all live like a king in the TV room or I should say wall.
Nick Norton, Mitsubishi’s senior manager of brand marketing said, ”This is really the first time we’ve taken the complete 3D cinema experience and been able to bring it into people’s homes.” This is opulent in that the average apartment cannot accommodate this beast but the amount of home theater rooms showing up in suburban areas has created a new market for something like this. So, send your children off to college, throw all their stuff away and fill that home with this beast where you can see the homeless people in Haiti in surround sound at 7.5 feet wide.

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