Saturday, January 29, 2011

Arnold! Don’t be back. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the most recent Governor of California. A former governor from that state, Jerry Brown was re-elected about 20 years later to regain that post. Why? Because California is a financial mess. People are also questioning his ethics. How can that be? In all his movies he’s always on the good guy side even if he can singly kill everyone. In real life he is saving people too from death; the guys proven guilty in the courts. Yeah, the bad guys.
One of his last decisions in office was to reduce the prison sentence of the son of his political ally who happens to be a democrat. Arnold as you know is Republican. This is blatant political pay-back. This guy was in prison for murder. This was only one of three pardons he made for convicted criminals. Each prisoner was in prison for murder. No one can understand what Arnold was thinking. He leaves office with a message to the people of the world that if you have enough good political connections, you can literally get away with murder.
Esteben Nunez, in prison for manslaughter, will now only serve 7 years as opposed to 16 years given as his original sentence. The victim’s father called Schwarzenegger’s sentence reduction “Dirty Politics”. Pardons are in the Constitution and they used to be an honored tradition for outgoing elected officials who used them when there was a terrible injustice done. It was the last ditch effort and hope for people who were already in prison for a long time and letting them out was more of a gift to the taxpayer who didn’t have to pay for his room and board.
Margaret Carlson from Bloomberg Radio said, ”Now, these pardons are used in terrible ways. For Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is not running for anything else, this is like a freebee because its when you run again that pardons come back to bite you. We live in a age not of reputation but of celebrity. In the United States of amnesia, it will be forgotten that he gave a pardon to a political crony.” He says the reason he pardoned this guy was because this kid was not the person who gave the victim the final blow. Is that reasoning supposed to make the victim’s family feel better? This guy was still there and was involved in the crime. The victim’s father was not even notified of this change in sentencing.
Will this have an impact on Schwarzenegger’s legacy? He goes out in disgrace! He goes out with a $25 billion dollar deficit for the taxpayers of California. A total failure as governor. He came into that state with a kind of Reganseque. He was a Republican actor too but even better than Regan. He was the body builder who saved the day in all his movies. He ran in the state of movie-making. Our video hero, in an era that everything we know we learn on a video screen.
He says he has no other political ambitions, and because of this, it’s hard to punish him. There is no retribution. No one is going to stop him from playing Kindergarten Cop 3. Let’s hope in the near future the democrat Jerry Brown can keep the prisoners in prison and control the budget of that state.

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