Thursday, December 9, 2010

Who can forget our great George W. Bush who publicly reported that he had a conversation with God and that based on that conversation, he would dictate new policies in government. Well, here we go again. Government by God.
Illinois Representative John Shimkus, is seeking to be chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee. The problem is that he said he will not fight global warning because God told him not to worry.
So, if there is a hurricane or a flood, should we call Noah or a plumber? Or should we just sit back and enjoy the rising tide and try to bypass all our furniture and stuff like surfing rapids without a raft? According to John Shimkus we should be powerless, God will decide our fate, sit back and Halleluiah, Praise the Lord with whatever.
It is known that John Shimkus previously used the Bible to deny the existence of global warming. Is his job to protect polluters? Will his agenda be to make sure that laws do not come down on them? Is he mentally ill or is he just another politician that will not honor the separation of church and state? I’m not sure he knows a thing about the Bible.
God doesn’t say he won’t destroy the earth. He won’t flood the earth again. He warns mankind to be the custodians of the earth. But in Revelations, chapter 11 God says he will destroy the destroyers of the earth. That is what the anti-fundamentalist Christians need to worry about. How did he even get into this powerful position. A guy quoting the Bible shouldn’t even have this powerful job. Give him a box in a park to say his rant not a powerful position in our government.                                                         
What happened to science and the government to help protect us in the future? Sadly a significant portion of the Healthcare Reform Bill will fall under his jurisdiction if he gets this Chairman job. People believe only the parts they want to believe. This is a guy who read Genesis and Leviticus, skipped all the way to Revelations and missed all the Jesus be nice to people stuff. I know this is the season to really be thankful and to be into Jesus, but we do not need these crazy Christians putting their mis-informed beliefs into law.
I believe that God heals but I will still go to a Doctor for a second opinion.

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